github adonisjs/core v2.10.3
Polishing before the preview release

latest releases: v6.12.1, v6.12.0, v6.11.0...
4 years ago
  • chore: update dependencies a6a11ca
  • refactor: keep httpException handler and it's typings in sync 8a1e983
  • refactor: rename dontReport to ignoreCodes 182f6db
  • chore: update dependencies c5b9f80
  • feat(ignitor): validate engines.node version (if defined) against current node.js version 9071691
  • refactor: improve error message when executing assembler command without installing assembler 7d614f1
  • feat: add generate:key command 68751f0
  • feat: add health check base checkers 08e8abc
  • feat: improve content negotiation for http exception handler 5436f1f
  • chore: update dependencies 4d69da8


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