github adonisjs/core v2.0.6
Support for nested route groups

latest releases: v6.12.1, v6.12.0, v6.11.0...
5 years ago

Finally, we have support for nested route groups by underlying @poppinss/http-server package.

Also this release contains a handful of bug fixes in the ambient module declarations.

  • chore: update http-server version a51d76b
  • chore: make sure to publish instructions and config files to npm 92b5de1
  • refactor: fix breaking tests 431029b
  • chore: add adonisjs instructions file to copy files dad019b
  • chore(package): move @adonisjs/fold to a peer dependency 85bee8c
  • chore(package): update dependencies cd44dd0
  • fix: middleware store ambient module name 38882e5


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