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webhook 2.8.0


  • Add option to send raw request body to command (#486)
  • Add soft signature failure support (#485)
  • Add support for slashes in hook IDs (#484)
  • Add request source (#479)
  • Transition payload hash option names to hmac (#461)
  • Return JSON format when referenced value is not a simple type enhancement (#448)
  • Update ExtractParameterAsString to return JSON on complex types (#449)
  • Add support for top-level JSON array in payload (#446)


  • Fix OrRule logic on parameter lookup failures (#472)
  • Log stdlib error on failed exec.LookPath (#460)
  • Bugfix/require go14 (#445)
  • Tighten file permissions on pidfile creation (#431)
  • Fix request dumper (#426)

Internal & Documentation updates

  • Add string parameter example to docs (#489)
  • Move some request parsing into hook package (#477)
  • Document YAML support (#463)
  • Add Request object to hook package to simplify API proposal (#462)
  • Add a table of contents to some of the docs (#447)


I've attached binaries that I've managed to cross-compile without problems.

MD5 checksums

d034baac6741fe0b0914cc933231475f  webhook-windows-386.tar.gz
0b5895ce6b721c151e5a7ba499c3092a  webhook-windows-amd64.tar.gz
128e9d0ae6b6859bd5fc78b4cdfa6870  webhook-windows-arm.tar.gz
7eb1170ace3d022fcde0afc6ede4293a  webhook-darwin-386.tar.gz
cb663f8737f6d37f0cfc8c807a82c461  webhook-darwin-amd64.tar.gz
7c6ced117b7fd8b3796f36e18375f8f3  webhook-freebsd-386.tar.gz
85bdebd6e3ff2c4ce887e80d93e14980  webhook-freebsd-amd64.tar.gz
2702575c0a6b0850ce58feb1df1d9c4c  webhook-freebsd-arm64.tar.gz
27088b17d4492bf66c76f0841fb9b7bf  webhook-freebsd-arm.tar.gz
31d002e9fdd2e01c87c58cc7f11e4ebf  webhook-linux-386.tar.gz
62ab801c7337a8b83de8d6ae8d7ace81  webhook-linux-amd64.tar.gz
2fa7f6327e83448f253dc1508aa51d72  webhook-linux-arm64.tar.gz
aa87709d247c812806bdf9bbaa8ea024  webhook-linux-arm.tar.gz
7667d92e321f09348884c4202d858ac5  webhook-openbsd-386.tar.gz
1c5724643f8243c510abfa273ee29b9b  webhook-openbsd-amd64.tar.gz
aff01500e6404d1834d6f6cca26d9de4  webhook-openbsd-arm64.tar.gz
5ad72a10457a76ea05f0f613a34cb86f  webhook-openbsd-arm.tar.gz
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