github actions/actions-runner-controller gha-runner-scale-set-0.9.0

latest release: gha-runner-scale-set-0.9.1
26 days ago


⚠️ Warning

  • This release contains CRD changes. During the upgrade, please remove the old CRDs before re-installing the new version. For more information, please read the Upgrading ARC.
  • This release contains changes in the default docker socket path expanded for container mode dind.
  • Older version of the listener (githubrunnerscalesetlistener) is deprecated and will be removed in the future 0.10.0 release.

Please evaluate these changes carefully before upgrading.

Major changes

  1. Change docker socket path to /var/run/docker.sock #3337
  2. Update metrics to include repository on job-based label #3310
  3. Bump Go version to 1.22.1 #3290
  4. Propagate runner scale set name annotation to EphemeralRunner #3098
  5. Add annotation with values hash to re-create listener #3195
  6. Fix overscaling when the controller is much faster then the listener #3371
  7. Add retry on 401 and 403 for runner-registration #3377

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