github ZoneMinder/zmeventnotification v6.1.19

  • match_past_detections, past_det_max_diff_area and max_detection_size (and associated label prefixes)
    need to be in the general section of ml_sequence. In the previous release they were stuffed inside each
    model sequence which lead to problems (imagine an event where snapshot and alarm had different objects and you
    were checking both. In pass 1, snapshot would match but alarm would not, so you'd see objects in alarm. In pass 2,
    alarm would match, but not snapshot and it would keep going on like this, effectively making match_past_detections
    useless. To avoid this, I am checking for match_past_detections after all matching is done)

  • You can now choose to ignore certain labels when you match past detections using ignore_past_detection_labels

  • stream_sequence now has a few new fields fields:

    • delay_between_frames. If specified, will wait for those many seconds before processing each frame.
    • delay_between_snapshots. If specified, will wait for those many seconds when processing snapshot frames.
      This allows you to do something like this: frame_set ['snapshot','snapshot','snapshot','alarm'] with a
      delay_between_snapshots:2, which means it will keep analyzing snapshot 3 times, but with 2 seconds in between, which
      lets you grab multiple snapshot frames as it changes during an event. This is really only useful for this specific case.
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3 months ago