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number of usability and other improvements

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pre-release5 years ago

I just released Zimbra WebDAV Client 0.5.1.

It has a number of usability and other improvements:

  1. When the user has no password stored, ask for it when the user click the WebDAV tab
    If the admin provided a proper config_template.xml, the user no longer needs to see
    the properties dialog. Nice for new users.
  2. When the user types a wrong password, give a nice error message and show the preferences dialog.
  3. in any case whenever the password/settings become correct, re-initialize the DAV browser so
    we can show those files. Instead of failing and require a reload of the browser.
  4. Installer bug for ZCS version 8.6 is fixed.
  5. The readme is updated to explain all config values from config_template.xml

Kind regards,

Barry de Graaff
Zeta Alliance Founder

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