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6 months ago

Quality of Life Update | Improved Performance

This is a small update that fixes two problems that have been causing us headaches for the past weeks. First, it significantly improves writing speeds after some mistakes on our side have introduced considerable lag in typing. And second, it fixes a bug that could prevent Zettlr from loading some of your directories at all if the directory settings had been corrupted.


GUI and Functionality

  • A malformed directory settings file now does not prevent loading the
    directory; instead the malformed file is now removed
  • Fixed a small visual glitch on Linux where the selected file was not
    highlighted in the file list in the thin or expanded file manager modes
  • Fixed heading ID links not working with, e.g., accents
  • Fixed heavy latency when working on a file with many related files

Under the Hood

  • Simplify the codeblock class hook again to significantly improve typing speed
  • Updated all dependency packages to the respective latest versions

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