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7 months ago

This new update again fixes bugs and smaller nuisances. Of special interest this time are two areas: The VIM editing mode, and the search functionality. The VIM mode now has a visible command bar at the bottom of the editor once you start typing a command. The search has been improved mainly in respects to usability.

Please note that this is the first version that utilizes the new Windows code signing certificate. If you use Windows, it may under some circumstances happen that you see a warning that the update could not be trusted. This can happen if your Windows installation misses the latest SmartScreen definitions.

As always, please see the full changelog below to know what exactly has changed.


GUI and Functionality

  • Localized Previous/next file menu items
  • Fixed selection of words on right-click in the editor
  • Editor word selection on right-click now accepts both ' and
  • Add Fortran syntax highlighting (keyword fortran)
  • Fix a bug that could lead to data loss when changing documents while a table
    has focus
  • Added an extra check so that unexpected values of openDirectory would not
    prevent Zettlr from starting
  • Make the vim command line visible and style it according to the Zettlr themes
  • Clicking on the toolbar now doesn't steal the focus from other elements,
    making it more comfortable to drag the window and immediately continue writing
  • Added slight transparency to the inline code background color so that block
    cursors are visible inside that code
  • Resizing an image upon pasting from clipboard now works better, since the
    aspect ratio will only be recalculated once you leave the input field (i.e. by
    tabbing into another input); this way you can just type in a specific number
  • Disabling "render task lists" will now also disable the application of task
    lists; this helps speed up editing long documents with many tasks
  • The main editor search now no longer automatically searches
  • When opening the main editor search, anything in the search input will now be
  • Fix unintended global search start
  • Highlight results from global search in the main editor text
  • The code editor in the assets manager now scales with the size of the window
  • Added an option to prevent Zettlr from checking for updated translations

Under the Hood

  • Switched to the new code signing certificate for the windows installers
  • Write errors which are logged properly to disk
  • Display errors in the log viewer
  • Added the default Homebrew installation directory for Apple Silicon Macs in
    order for Zettlr to find Pandoc installed via brew.
  • Improve global search typings

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