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9 months ago

New Zoom Behavior | Better Link Display | FSEvents on macOS

This is again a smaller patch that improves many aspects of the app. As the last times, we have focused on improving very small but noticeable nuisances in Zettlr's behavior. One improvement we are very proud of is that after many years we have finally managed to get fsevents running. fsevents is a small library that enables us to watch your loaded directories for changes (so that if you add, remove, or modify a file externally, Zettlr can reflect that) without being too costly on your computer's processor. This change only affects macOS since the file-watching works already quick on Windows and Linux. You will be noticing this because changes to your files will be reflected (almost) immediately instead of with a delay of up to five seconds.


This update changes the scroll effect on the document tab bar to be smooth
instead of snappy. To revert to the old behavior, you can use the following
Custom CSS:

body div#tab-container {
  scroll-behavior: auto;

GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: You can now switch between zooming the whole GUI or just the
    editor font size when using the zoom menu items/shortcuts
  • Restores the display of links in the related files section of the sidebar
  • Differentiate between inbound, outbound, and bidirectional links in the
    related files section
  • Fix related files display and link reporting
  • Added a smooth scrolling effect for the tab bar
  • Added classes in order to conditionally style the related files section based
    on the type of relation, the classes are tags if the relation is based on
    keywords, inbound for incoming links, outbound for outgoing links, and
    bidirectional for links from and to the said file
  • Clicking on math now places the cursor correctly, reducing friction
  • Select the image markup when clearing a rendered image by clicking on it
  • Image captions do not disappear anymore while you are editing it, even if you
    move the mouse out of the image area
  • Improve icon alignment in the related files section
  • Relaxed conditions for emphasis rendering by just excluding word-characters
  • Tab characters are no longer detected as spelling errors
  • You can now choose to indent using tab characters instead of spaces
  • Do not close the file left to a new usaved file upon saving the file
  • Fixed a weird race condition in which the file manager would remain ignorant
    of an in-memory file after it has been saved to disk
  • Changes to your files should now be detected immediately also on macOS
  • Fixed a bug that would disable both types of magic quotes (single + double)
    if you disabled only one type
  • Improve styling of progress bars on all platforms

Under the Hood

  • Resolve links on-demand in the link provider
  • Factor out the clickAndClear functionality to its own helper
  • Improve editor image CSS
  • Factor out the checks to see if we can render some element to unify behavior
    across rendering plugins
  • Update most pure Node scripts from CommonJS to ESM in order to support the new
    versions of csso, chalk, and got
  • FINALLY managed to get fsevents to run! After about three years or so.
  • Add support for JabRef fileDirectory-style comments

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