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9 months ago

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Today comes a smaller update that fixes a few annoying bugs that came up after the last release, and it contains improvements to the graph view. Most notably, it should rebuild less frequently and much faster. Also, we finally fixed a bug that was around for a little bit longer and that prevented exports of reveal.js presentations in stylesheets other than black.


GUI and Functionality

  • The graph view now only updates when the underlying link structure has in fact
  • Fixed an issue that would break project exports since we accidentally passed
    not just Markdown and code files, but also everything else in that directory
    to pandoc (including, but not limited to, PDFs, HTMLs, images, etc.)
  • The graph view now supports displaying labels permanently; useful for smaller
  • Better graph sizing
  • You can now highlight specific vertices based on text matching on its path
  • The graph view scrolling has now been replaced by moving zoom, i.e. wherever
    your mouse cursor is when you zoom, the graph will zoom in ever so slightly
    onto that position
  • Tags/keywords in a YAML frontmatter are now properly lowercased
  • Massively improve the speed of graph building
  • Fixed an error that would prevent the creation of new directories
  • Fixed a bug that would always export a revealJS presentation using the black
  • Fixed commented entries in the YAML frontmatter being detected as headings
  • The file tree now remembers which directories are opened for longer
  • Make the emphasis rendering plugin less aggressive

Under the Hood

  • Remove the dependency on the LinkProvider within the FSAL
  • The LinkProvider now only updates when necessary; easing the load on the graph

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