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9 months ago

Graph View

With this patch, we bring you a new, long awaited feature: A graph view! Read more about it below and in the newly created documentation.


This update includes a long-awaited feature: Graph views. This brings Zettlr on
par with other apps such as logseq or Obsidian. You will find the graph view in
the stats window, which you can open as usual by clicking the statistics button
on the toolbar. The graph will re-render as soon as something in the link
structure of your notes changes. Rendering may take some time, however -- not
because constructing or displaying the actual graph takes so much time, but
rather, because resolving internal links (which can be either IDs or filenames)
takes a long time.

Within the graph view, you can interact with it in a few ways:

  • You can tick the checkbox to exclude isolates from rendering, that is: files
    which are not linked to any other note
  • With the + and --buttons, you can zoom in and out of the graph
  • Using the dropdown menu, you can restrict rendering to a single component.
    These clusters of files are ordered by size, so the first components in the
    list are the biggest in your network of files. Note that isolates are excluded
    from this list
  • By utilizing the trackpad or scrollwheel of your mouse, you can scroll both
    vertically and horizontally; dragging does not work yet
  • Clicking the target button resets the view on the graph to its origin if you
    have scrolled someplace else
  • Clicking on a note will open it in the main window just as if you had clicked
    on the note in the file manager

Note that the graph view is still in its early stages. It works as advertised,
but since networks can be very tricky, there is a lot of room for improvement.
You will notice that we publish this new feature using a patch release (2.2.2
instead of 2.3.0). The reason is that we cannot finalize this feature in any way
without the feedback from the community. So for this feature, we would like to
invite you to provide feedback -- not just about potential bugs, but about
things we should improve in the visual feedback the graph view gives you.

See this as an opportunity: Whereas the graph views of Roam, logseq or Obsidian
are pretty much in a final stage, Zettlr's graph view is still a blank canvas
upon which you can project your ideas that help us all make sense of the chaos
that is the network of our files!

GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: Zettlr now finally offers a graph view of all notes in the
    statistics window; clicking on a vertex opens the file in the main editor, and
    you can choose to hide isolates
  • The full-text search doesn't skip files whose title and/or tags match the
    search terms anymore
  • Hovering the mouse over a document tab now shows the full path of the file
  • Ensure that in-memory files which are saved outside the workspaces are still
    added as root files
  • Use a more appropriate cursor for resizing the split views

Under the Hood

  • Add d3 as a fixed dependency in package.json; lock to the version from
  • Fix a dependency race condition in the service container
  • Make error messages more meaningful
  • Enable renderers to search for files using an internal link

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