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9 months ago

Support for Large Citation Libraries | Bug Fixes | Major Refactor

This release contains two improvements. On the one hand, we spent a lot of time mingling with the internals of the app again in order to prepare the app for the future plans we have. That is something you won't notice too much since it does not affect the functionality of the app. But this is the reason why this version is called 2.2.0, and not 2.1.4.

On the other hand, we've spent the past weeks fixing bugs that unfortunately made it into Zettlr 2.1.3. A few of you reported that you couldn't even run that version. We would like to apologize for this, and at the same time announce that this annoying error has been fixed, along various other issues which you can read en detail in below's changelog.

Lastly, something that a few people have consistently complained about over the past years was that Zettlr sometimes doesn't like too large citation databases. We are happy to announce that we have again improved the citation handling of the app so that it now shouldn't buckle in the face of large citation databases.


Attention: This update switches one preference in the exporters' defaults:
file-scope is now removed. Remove this line from your defaults files, or reset
them to the (new) default, if you'd like to use this in your exports as well.
See this issue for more info and an explanation what this option does.

GUI and Functionality

  • Tags and keywords within a YAML frontmatter are now clickable
  • AutoCorrect values are no longer detected as spelling mistakes
  • Fix an issue with false detection of footnote reference texts
  • Fix link resolving: Now files dropped onto the editor will be easier to detect
    as files (rather than weblinks)
  • Fixed reloading issues with very large citation databases
  • Fixed a visual glitch when choosing to "Open in a new tab" in a note preview
  • Fix a regression that inserting pasted image paths into the editor didn't work
  • Fix wrong display of citations if there was an error rendering the citation
  • The tutorial is now also available after the first start; you can reopen it
    any time from the Help menu
  • The autocompletion popup doesn't disappear anymore if you completely remove
    anything already written to begin anew
  • Fix a bug that would with some installations result in a blank main window.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes not update the tag autocompletion
  • Ensure documents are saved when renaming a directory
  • Do not show "Open Image Externally" if loading a data URL
  • Improve styling for the "No results" message on file tree filtering
  • Newly created files now always open in a new tab
  • Fixed a bug where you would receive two "paste image" dialogs if you had text
    selected when pasting an image onto the editor
  • Fixed conflicting text decorations between strikethrough and spellchecking
  • Fixed a bug where a YAML frontmatter beginning and end would also be
    recognized even if it was not valid. A valid YAML frontmatter must be
    delimited by exactly three dashes/dots on their own line, and not more

Under the Hood

  • Update Pandoc to
  • Activate watchdog polling for the citeproc provider. This should reduce issues
    with very large citation databases.
  • If the error message upon a failed database reload indicates that the file was
    simply incomplete, the citeproc provider now attempts a second reload after a
    delay of 5 seconds
  • Moved the workspace and root file opening logic into their own command
  • Make the ZettlrCommand base class abstract and require constraints on derived
  • Remove all calls to global in the renderer processes; instead properly type
    the API provided via the window object
  • Refactor the main process:
    • Move the FSAL, the WindowManager, and the DocumentManager into the service
      provider realm
    • Factor out all commands into a new CommandProvider
    • Use singleton dependency injection to provide services to each other,
      utilizing an AppServiceContainer
    • Remove (almost) every dependency on the global object
    • Move the littered code from the Zettlr main class into their corresponding
      service providers
    • Fixed the dependency hell within the FSAL
  • The app doesn't attempt to download the Vue3 devtools in production anymore
  • The date formatter now takes everything as parameters and has unit tests

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