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10 months ago

Quality of Life Update

This update focuses on many minor improvements so that working with Zettlr becomes much more pleasant. While the previous two updates focused on fixing bugs that unfortunately made it into the app, this update can solely focus on improving your interaction with the app. We heavily improved the readability mode, the global search, and the TableEditor. But also outside of these three larger modules we have improved the app's behavior a lot. For example, the app now remembers if you had the sidebar open, and even on which tab you were so you don't have to open the sidebar again and again when launching Zettlr.

As always, we encourage you to read the full changelog below to see for which things you can finally forget your clumsy workaround and just enjoy writing productively!


GUI and Functionality

  • Display inline math using monospaced font
  • Right-clicking citations doesn't select parts of it anymore
  • Inline-equations are now properly syntax highlighted
  • Fixed a bug that caused unintentional pastes when closing a tab using the
    middle mouse button on Linux
  • Heavily improved the full text search: Previously, certain files that should
    have been returned for specific search terms were not considered a match, and
    multiple results per line were mostly not reported; additionally, search
    results are now ordered by relevancy and the search results are marked more
  • Heavily improved the table editor user interface: Now the table editor will on
    certain actions write all changes back to the document so that the possibility
    of data loss involves a single table cell at most in case the user forgets to
    un-focus the table. Furthermore, the table editor will now not be removed from
    the document when it loses focus, and instead the table will be updated
  • The log viewer now only displays errors and warnings initially
  • Fix a small visual glitch on macOS for toolbar searches
  • Added "Open in new Tab" button to link preview tooltip, when user has
    preference "Avoid Opening Files in New Tabs" set to true
  • Fix Use the CodeMirror default actions for Home and End preference not
    working on MacOS
  • Fix task item strikethrough appearing laggy
  • Fix task item strikethrough covering the preceding whitespace
  • On macOS, file tree icons are now displayed using the theme/system color. On
    all platforms, you can customize the appearance using the selector
    body .tree-item clr-icon.special (including platform/mode selectors)
  • Improve the readability mode: Now it will not render a YAML frontmatter and it
    will additionally treat sentences smarter than before
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes break images when you edited the caption
    in the rendered image caption.
  • Enable resetting of the custom Zettelkasten directory
  • The default value for "Use system accent color" is now off for all platforms
    except macOS
  • The app now remembers if you had the sidebar open, and which tab you selected
  • The app now remembers your recent global searches
  • The file tree now expands when you are filtering for files/directories
  • Translate the auto dark mode start/end setting strings
  • The ToC now displays the currently active section
  • Fix file manager always showing word count, even if user selected character
    count in preferences
  • When clicking on a heading in the ToC, the cursor is now set to that heading
    and the editor is focused immediately
  • Fix recent documents items not being clickable in Linux
  • Fix drag & drop of files onto the editor
  • Fix some bugs in the link opener

Under the Hood

  • Update Pandoc to 2.17
  • Removed the unused PDF settings from the config
  • Removed the unused pandoc and xelatex config options
  • Convert all MarkdownEditor hooks and plugins to TypeScript
  • Tests now simply transpile without type checking
  • Move service provider types to the new types directory
  • Provide @dts as an alias to retrieve typings
  • Move FSAL types to the new types directory
  • Convert the remaining utility functions to TypeScript
  • Polyfill the path module in renderer processes
  • Convert the MainSidebar component to TypeScript
  • Move out the statistics calculation from the FSAL
  • The yarn package and yarn test-gui commands now skip typechecking,
    reducing build time by a large margin

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