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10 months ago

Display Improvements | Zettelkasten improvements | VIM Mode

While the last release mainly fixed things, this release puts a little bit more focus on new functionality. Mainly, we have worked on improving the overall usability of Zettlr's file management system and the Zettelkasten functionality. This means that you can now tell Zettlr to only use filenames to display for you (instead of YAML frontmatter titles overriding them). Furthermore, you can also display Markdown file extensions for a more file-browser-ish appearance.

Additionally, you can now explicitly link using filenames and disregard any IDs, which can be useful for certain Zettelkasten approaches.

Lastly, something that will bring joy to all those of you who enjoy writing in the style of vim: We accidentally discovered that the vim mode started working again. We had to disable the vim mode with version 1.8.1 because it stopped working. That being said, the option is now available again in your editor preferences!


GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: You now have more fine-grained control over how your files
    are displayed: You can now select if the filename is always used or a title
    or first heading level 1 is used (if applicable)
  • New Feature: You can now also fold nested lists
  • New Feature: You can now choose to display the file extensions of Markdown
  • New Feature: You can now choose to always only link using filenames
  • The Vim input mode of the editor started working again, so we are re-enabling
    it with this update
  • Fixed an error that would cause the global search to malfunction if you
    followed a link which then started a global search while the file manager was
  • Removed an unused preference
  • Rearranged some preferences
  • On Windows, tabbed windows will automatically hide their labels if the window
    becomes too narrow
  • Reinstated the info on what variables you could use in the Zettelkasten
  • Zettlr displays info text below some preferences again
  • Citations are now first-class citizens and got their own preferences tab
  • Fixed a small error that would close additional files when you renamed a file
    that was also currently open
  • Fixed the context menu not showing during a full text search on macOS
  • When something goes wrong during opening of a new workspace or root file, the
    error messages will now be more meaningful
  • Small improvement that will not detect Setext headings level 2 without a
    following empty line. This prevents some instances of data loss where users
    forget this empty line and thus accidentally create a valid simple table
  • Fixed an issue where the indentation of wrapped lines would look off after
    changing the theme or modifying the editor font via custom CSS
  • Fixed the vim mode cursor being barely visible in dark mode
  • Done task list items will now be stroked out faster

Under the Hood

  • Convert the MarkdownEditor to ES modules and TypeScript
  • Make the dot-notation rule optional

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