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11 months ago

Between Zettlr 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 we upgraded an internal dependency, which caused a few things to accidentally break. We would like to apologize for these problems. With 2.1.1 we hope to have fixed those issues. Additionally, we also have implemented a display of backlinks. Whenever you visit the sidebar tab "Related Files", you will now see any files linking to the file you are currently viewing. Additionally, we have fixed a few other things.

Happy New Year 2022 to you!


GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: Zettlr now accounts for backlinks to the currently active
    file, which means it now displays files which link to the current file in the
  • New setting: You can now choose to hide the toolbar while in distraction-free
  • Improved placement of the popup displayed by the Input Method Editor (IME) for
    writing non-alphabetic characters (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, or Korean)
  • During drag&drop, you can now rest over a collapsed directory for longer than
    two seconds to have it automatically uncollapse -- this way you can reach
    deeper nested directories without having to stop the operation
  • Clicking a search result in the global search sidebar will now highlight it
    in the sidebar
  • The search now also starts when you press Enter while the restriction input is
  • If you abort moving a file by dropping it onto its source directory, Zettlr
    will silently abort the move without nagging you about the fact that the
    target directory obviously already contains a file of the same name
  • Renaming root-directories will now ensure the new path of the directory is
    persisted to the configuration
  • Fix a rare error that would incapacitate the Math equation renderer
  • Fixed an error that would sometimes prevent the autocomplete popup to close
    until the main window was closed and reopened (or the app is restarted)
  • Fixed an error that would prevent a global search if no directory is selected
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the table insertion toolbar button in the previous
  • Fixed an issue preventing updates of lists in the preferences
  • Fixed an issue not displaying the currently selected theme in the preferences

Under the Hood

  • Update to Electron 16
  • Make sure to de-proxy the tag database before sending it to the MdEditor
  • Remove the openDocuments array from the Vue component data
  • Convert the MainEditor component to TypeScript
  • Added a @providers alias for easy referencing of service providers

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