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11 months ago

We are very happy to be able to make you a Christmas-gift, as the beta phase of Zettlr 2.1 was going extremely smooth! With this update, we are making the app future-proof. We did not add all that many graphical improvements or big changes, but you will notice that the app runs even more performant.

Even though the major changes have happened under the hood, we have managed to fix quite a few visual problems, bugs, and improved the overall experience. This will be the last update for this year, while we’re taking a deserved break over Christmas.

We wish you a few days of rest and a smooth transition to 2022!


GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: Implemented "forward" and "back" actions, which are
    especially useful for people managing a Zettelkasten and frequently follow
    links: Now you can go back and forth between opened files (shortcuts:
    Cmd/Ctrl+[ and Cmd/Ctrl+]) so you can more quickly navigate your files
  • Fixed an error in the link filtering process that would throw an error when
    you attempted to remove internal links completely upon export
  • Fixed Cmd/Ctrl-Click-behavior on footnotes
  • Dragging and dropping files (both from the desktop and the sidebar) now always
    inserts relative paths
  • More reactive updating of the related files section
  • Improvements during insertion of snippets
  • The footnote editor now has a consistent background color in dark mode
  • You can now open linked files from within the preview tooltips
  • Removed the shortcut to rename directories since that was rarely used and
    could confuse users since it was not obvious where the directory is in the
    file manager
  • Moved the file renaming process via shortcut to the document tabs since it's
    much more visible there
  • Fix a very rare bug in which selections inside headings would look off
  • Fixed an error that would fail the print preview if you had images with
    relative paths in your document
  • Internal links to files that contain a period should work now (except what
    follows exactly matches an allowed Markdown file extension)
  • Scrollbars on Windows and Linux should now switch colors according to the
    app's dark mode setting
  • Zettlr doesn't detect links to other headings in the form of [link](#target)
    as tags anymore
  • Reinstated the ability to use pure number tags or hexadecimal numbers as tags
  • Using the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-V to paste something as plain text will no
    longer paste it twice on Windows and Linux
  • Zettlr can now be started minimized (in the tray/notification area) by passing
    the CLI flag --launch-minimized, which means the main window will not be
    shown after launching the app
  • On single-file export, unsaved changes are now also exported
  • MagicQuotes can now surround selections
  • File duplication will now make sure to always create new files instead of
    overwriting existing ones
  • Attempt to scroll back to the correct position after applying remote changes
  • Adapt styles on Windows
  • You can now specify a TeX template and an HTML template for projects
  • Fix double titlebars on Windows and Linux when displaying modals
  • Following internal links now also works for systems in which the ID is part of
    the file name
  • Updated the display name in the Add/Remove Programs entry for Windows
  • Task list items in the editor are now correctly spaced again
  • Fixed a bug that would render it impossible to open images and files with non-
    ASCII characters within their path
  • You can now copy the underlying equation code for LaTeX equations

Under the Hood

  • Added a further check to the filter copying. Since the filters that ship with
    Zettlr are bound to the inner workings of the app, we should always overwrite
    them if applicable (to ensure they are updated with the app), unlike the
    defaults which people should be able to modify without us messing with them
  • Sanitized and standardized all Vue component names and app entry points
  • Fix a whole bunch of linter warnings
  • Remove the custom event system ($on, $off, and $once) in preparation for
    Vue 3
  • Switched to Vue 3 (incl. Vuex 4, vue-loader 16, vue-virtual-scroller 2)
  • The state is now being instantiated using a function which adds reactivity
  • The modified documents are now updated in such a way that attached watchers
    are notified
  • The snippet insertion process is now much more precise and allows snippets to
    be inserted at any point within non-empty lines without any quirks
  • Update Pandoc to 2.16.2
  • The VS Code debugger now uses the test-gui configuration and not the regular
    (potentially critical) main configuration; NOTE that this means you must run
    the test-gui command first to generate that data-dir in the first place
    before starting the debugger
  • Cleaned up the handler for rendering task-list items
  • Switched the windows update, tag-manager, stats, quicklook, project-properties,
    print, paste-image, log-viewer, error, assets, preferences, and about to
  • extractYamlFrontmatter does not require the linefeed anymore
  • Remove the openFile method from the main Zettlr object. Use
    getDocumentManager().openFile instead to open a file
  • Add an automatic updater for CITATION.cff
  • Zettlr now extracts outlinks from a file and adds them to descriptors
  • Added @common as a shorthand alias for importing files within the common-
  • The file autocompletion database now uses the full paths to index files

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