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12 months ago

Attention: This patch changes a default. In order to ensure that both HTML exports and "PDF Document" exports continue to function as expected, please set the value self-contained: false to self-contained: true in the HTML export settings within the assets manager.


GUI and Functionality

  • Default changed: The exporter's HTML defaults have now self-contained: true
    instead of previously self-contained: false -- make sure to update your
    settings accordingly!
  • The editor dropdown list now won't be wider than the window, even if you have
    very long citations or keywords
  • Removed the leading # in the tag cloud
  • Allow tags to be sorted by name or count
  • Re-introduce the project properties window, since the place within the popover
    was very limited and people have begun calling for more features, so we need
    the space of a dedicated window
  • Image caption changes are now also saved when the text field loses focus
  • Reworded "night mode" to "dark mode" consistently
  • Fix a minor design glitch
  • Removed the previous HTML template; now Zettlr uses Pandoc's default
  • Fix a small visual glitch that would show link tooltips in unexpected
  • Fixed a small bug that would make Zettlr treat numbers at the beginning of a
    line as a list too often. Now typing, e.g., "21.12.2021" will not yield a
    "22." on the next line
  • Changing heading levels using the context menu on heading markers will no
    longer insert the new heading level at arbitrary positions in the document
  • Fixed the accessibility to screen readers of toolbar search controls

Under the Hood

  • Update Pandoc to 2.16.1
  • Improve sorting behavior of directories on creation and renaming of files
  • Removed custom middle-click paste code for Linux, cf. #2321
  • Fixed a floating-point to integer conversion failure error
  • Fix potential errors in the updater window with additional sanity checks
  • Project properties are now persisted to disk only if they actually changed

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