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13 months ago

This update fixes a second set of issues that were reported to us after the release of Zettlr 2. It mainly contains visual fixes and a few very minor things. The one bigger improvement this update provides is that the updater is now much more responsive and more stable.

GUI and Functionality

  • Linking files by dragging them onto the editor from the file manager works
  • Text input is automatically focused on global search (Ctrl+Shift+F).
  • Previously, when you saved an in-memory file to disk, the dialog would begin
    in some random directory, but never the currently selected directory. This is
    now fixed.
  • Added syntax highlighting for Octave (Matlab), keyword: octave
  • The sidebar now refreshes also whenever it is shown, preventing wrong messages
    such as "No citations in document" when a document with citations is open.
  • Modal windows now have a title bar
  • Slightly increased the status bar height
  • Fixed the image size calculator during image pastes
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the editor to randomly jump when entering a
  • The updater has received a face lift: It should now be more responsive and
    easier to handle. We now filter out files which wouldn't work on the given
    platform either way, making it harder to accidentally download the Intel-
    packages when you're on ARM (or vice versa).

Under the Hood

  • Switched the Linux middle-mouse-paste code to listen to mouseup events instead
    of mousedown events in response to issue #2321
  • Update Pandoc to 2.15
  • Refactor the UpdateProvider so that it now has a unified state and a better
    error reporting. It should work much better without unrecoverable states and
    is more responsive. Additionally, removed a lot of old and dead code from it.

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