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Release v2.0.1

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13 months ago

No stable release works without bugs, and thanks to our community, we found them
quickly! This patch fixes those initial bugs.

GUI and Functionality

  • Previously, list items were rendered as if they were code blocks if they were
    indented by at least four spaces, which was not supposed to happen. Thanks to
    @Redsandro for fixing this!
  • The autocomplete dropdowns in the editor now only show the top 50 matches. Any
    more wouldn't be visible either way, and additionally, we have had reports
    that databases with more than 10,000 items made those lists somewhat slow.

Under the Hood

  • Switched to providing necessary information to BrowserWindow instances via
    URLSearchParams instead of utilizing the additionalArguments property on
    the window constructor, since on Windows, Electron injects an additional
    property prefetch:1 afterwards, rendering it pure luck to retrieve the
    correct information across all Platforms.
  • Switched the Sidebar and the SplitView components from v-show-directives
    to v-if directives to prevent rendering while they are not in view.

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