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pre-release15 months ago

The second beta for Zettlr v2 contains many small fixes that have been reported by users in the meantime, plus a few things we planned on doing before but didn't manage to implement for the first beta. Most notably, the following things have changed:

  • Display equations are now actually centered in the preview
  • The toolbar's footnote button works again
  • Code blocks with Pandoc-style identifiers ({.language other-attributes ...}) should now be generally highlighted correctly
  • The editor's context menu can be used again and isn't disabled
  • File duplication in the combined file manager mode works again
  • The file tree now has a filter option as well, so using the combined file manager mode gives you all the bells and whistles of the thin and expanded modes
  • Speed up loading of large file trees by a large margin
  • Enable the usage of either the operating system's accent colour or the theme's accent colour (only available on Windows and macOS)
  • You can now load in .bib-bibliography files in the export preferences

Again, we value your feedback for this beta so that we can fix more problems and small nuisances before the stable 2.0 release!

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