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2.0.0 Goes Beta!

This is the first public beta release for Zettlr 2.0. After a long period of development and several nightly versions, it is time to begin the public beta phase. A few minor bugs and nuisances still remain, but the 2.0.0 branch is stable enough for production use now. Please read the caveats below to be prepared for this release, since we've changed a lot and thus, a few new features might look irritating at first!

Before You Start

Although the release is extremely stable, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. If you have any writing targets, these will need to be re-set, since we've changed the underlying data structure. So make sure to note down your existing writing targets to re-apply them once.
  2. We have experienced some minor issues with older configuration files. While we do strive to automatically migrate, there could be some issues. As such, we recommend you make a backup of your current configuration file, and remove the config in case this new release complains. Please make sure to open issues if this happens!
  3. The documentation is not yet adapted to 2.0.0. After this release we will begin updating the documentation for 2.0.0 immediately, but updating everything will take time. Feel free to help us out at!
  4. The API-endpoint for updates has changed. After 2.0.0 stable, we will no longer offer update notifications over the old API and will disable that endpoint in the future. Please make sure to update to 2.0.0 at the latest when the stable version is released.
  5. Please keep an eye out for this page. As soon as all issues here are closed, 2.0 stable will become a reality!

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