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22 months ago

This is the last patch before we begin working on Zettlr 1.9, which will feature much better flexibility in exporting. This patch mostly fixes some important bugs and performance issues that were haunting the previous release. Make sure to install it to stay up to date!

Configuration Folder Needs to be Renamed

This release requires your configuration folder to be named "Zettlr" (with a capital Z), not "zettlr" on both Windows and Linux. macOS doesn't care about the capitalization, so it will continue to work. So if your configuration apparently is not loaded when you first start this update, just rename the folder. The folder names that you need are listed in our Setup guide.


GUI and Functionality

  • Your typing speed is now as fast as previously again, even for long paragraphs and files (thanks to @mattj23 for implementing the fixes in the multiplexer).
  • You can now also switch to sub-directories using the file list navigation; it is not limited to files anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that would show a wrong path on pasting image data onto the editor.
  • Fixed a bug that would make dragging items from the file list impossible.
  • Fixed odd behaviour that would make dragging and dropping items in the file tree (especially in combined mode of the file manager) hard.
  • Fixed a logical bug that would open a dialog notifying of remote changes for every detected change, rather than just once per file.
  • Added RMarkdown files (.Rmd) to the list of supported file extensions for which Zettlr can be registered as a default handler.
  • Fix a regression error that has rendered citation exporting impossible.

Under the Hood

  • Fixed a performance sink in the multiplexer module which introduced noticeable lag while writing long paragraphs and documents (implemented by @mattj23).
  • Implemented a global event listener that prevents any arbitrary navigation away from the loaded URL that occurs within webContents. So this way we do not need to sanitize any anchors or take care about setting window.location, because all of these events will be captured and navigation will be prevented. For opening local files and directories, make sure to prepend the path with safe-file://, which is recognized by this listener.
  • Implemented a global event listener that makes sure any call to console.log is also received in the main process so that we can intercept those and add them to our global logging interface as well. This way, debugging errors in the renderer process can be debugged together with users as well. Messages from the renderers are indicated by a [R] including the window identifier (e.g. "[Main Window]").
  • Migrated the Tags Provider to TypeScript. Cleaned up the IPC calls.
  • Moved electron-builder configuration to electron-builder.yml.
  • Removed no longer necessary scripts.
  • Moved most type annotations to corresponding types files. The structure is currently: All node_modules without type support reside within ./source, whereas the service provider types are stored in ./source/app/service-providers/assets.
  • Removed generic IPC calls for the CSS Provider and migrated that to the provider class.
  • Zettlr now detects a potential downloaded Pandoc in the resources directory during development.
  • Fixed a logical error in calculating the application uptime.
  • The application now exits forcefully if an error is produced during boot.

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