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23 months ago

This fourth patch to Zettlr 1.8 resolves quite a few issues. But the more pressing issue is that from this release onward, 32 bit builds are officially deprecated. This means you need to have a 64 bit operating system in order to continue Zettlr. As almost all computers nowadays support 64 bit, it might just involve upgrading your operating system. Zettlr 32 bit will be discontinued beginning from 1.9.0. Please make sure to follow this issue to stay up to date.


Deprecating 32 bit builds

This version ships with a debug notification that will inform users of deprecated operating systems about that fact. This debug notification cannot be turned off, but will be removed in Zettlr 1.8.5, which will use the bundled Pandoc version first of all. Beginning with Zettlr 1.9.0, we will no longer support 32 bit applications, so you have to make sure your operating system supports 64 bit. If your Windows is still 32 bit, there is a very high chance that your processor actually supports 64 bit. Please check this, if you want to continue using Zettlr.

GUI and Functionality

  • Enhancement: Navigating the file list has just become easier. Now when you navigate the list files will not be opened immediately! Rather, they are being marked as "active," making the navigation much less cumbersome. To open an activated file, simply hit Enter.
  • Visual improvements to the quick filter. The "back"-arrow now appears below the input.
  • The quick filter now searches for all search terms (delimited by space) separately.
  • The editor will now be focused whenever the containing document is changed.
  • The cursor will now be of the correct height no matter whether you are on a heading class or within a normal-height text line.
  • Pandoc will now be pre-bundled with 64 bit installers.
  • Fixed a bug that the TableEditor would oftentimes "swallow" table cell content, making it almost unusable.
  • Fixed a logical error that would display .tex-files as if they were directories in the file manager's tree view.
  • Added two more variables, %y and %X for Zettelkasten-IDs, which allow you to use a two-digit year or the unix epoch (seconds since Jan 1st, 1970) in your IDs (thanks to @cdaven for implementing).
  • RMarkdown files (.rmd) are now supported in general.

Under the Hood

  • The statistics controller is now the Stats Provider.
  • Migrated the Stats Provider to TypeScript.
  • ASAR support reinstated
  • Switched GitHub Actions CI to use Node 14.x.
  • Prepared everything so that Pandoc can be bundled with Zettlr at every time. However, the corresponding code is not yet active to provide for a transition phase where we still ship 32 bit builds.
  • Fixed the TableEditor. The two major changes are that it does not depend on jQuery anymore, and that now all changes are always applied to the AST, not the DOM element. The DOM element is always rebuilt after the AST has changed so that the single source of truth is always the AST.
  • Made sure that environmentally necessary directories are now created recursively.
  • Added a prompt-passthrough to the main Zettlr class.
  • Fix function signatures in the FSAL.
  • Fix function signatures in the WindowManager.
  • Migrate the command infrastructure to TypeScript.
  • The regular expressions are now unified within the ./source/common/regular-expressions.js-file (thanks to @Kangie for implementing).
  • The recent docs provider is now written in TypeScript.
  • Removed conditional RMarkdown checks.
  • Remove empty strings, if applicable.

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