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Release v1.8.2

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24 months ago

This second patch for the 1.8 series contains again numerous bug fixes and improvements. Furthermore, we have finally switched to Electron 11, which means that native Apple M1 support is just around the corner. Please see the changelog below to see what has changed!


Support for Pandoc 2.11

The default Pandoc command now targets Pandoc 2.11 and above. In order to use the new command, make sure to "reset" it once, or (if it contains customisations) replace $citeproc$ with --citeproc --bibliography "$bibliography$" $cslstyle$. However, you can retain compatibility with older versions by replacing the new part --citeproc with --filter pandoc-citeproc. The new $bibliography$ variable will be replaced with /path/to/your/library.json. Furthermore, the $cslstyle$-variable will be replaced with --csl /path/to/your/style.json, if applicable.

GUI and Functionality

  • The file search popup now retains your last search again.
  • The global search now lets you select all text again.
  • Removed deprecated Pandoc command variable $citeproc$ and added the two variables $bibliography$ and $cslstyle$.
  • Began implementing better screen reader support for Zettlr. Now, a certain amount of elements has received correct labels according to the ARIA guidelines so that screenreader are now better in handling the app:
    • The toolbar is now being recognised as such, the toolbar buttons themselves have correct labels
    • The editor tabs are recognised as a tabbar and you can easily switch tabs now.
    • The sidebar buttons are now being correctly identified as tabs.
    • Added region landmark roles to a few of the components in order to facilitate quicker voice over navigation.
    • The icons in the file manager now have role="presentation" set to not have the screen reader name all of those "unlabelled images" one by one.
  • Fixed some relative links to files on your system not being resolved correctly.
  • Fix weird indentation rendering in the syntax code highlighting blocks.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes did not fully shut down the application before exit. This lead to numerous issues, the most visible of which was that sometimes configuration changes were not persisted.
  • Fixed an issue in which user dictionary-entries were not actually removed when removed from the preferences.
  • The citation engine now also supports loading CSL YAML files as bibliographies.
  • Fixed some issues with the citeproc provider.
  • Fixed multi-cursor placement.
  • Fix duplicate IDs when linking files whose filename contains the ID with the setting "Always link with filename."
  • Fix a few visual link rendering oddities.
  • Fix the ToC navigation sometimes not working.

Under the Hood

  • Migrated the UpdateProvider to TypeScript.
  • Migrated the DictionaryProvider to TypeScript.
  • TextMarkers are now bound to the Document instances, not the editor overall. This increases the speed of document switching.
  • Updated dependencies:
    • @clr/icons 4.0.8
    • adm-zip 0.5.1
    • archiver 5.1.0
    • bcp-47 1.0.8
    • citeproc 2.4.52
    • codemirror 5.58.3
    • got 11.8.1
    • mermaid 8.8.4
    • semver 7.3.4
    • uuid 8.3.2
    • vuex 3.6.0
    • fsevents 2.2.1
    • @electron-forge/cli 6.0.0-beta.54
    • @electron-forge/plugin-webpack 6.0.0-beta.54
    • @teamsupercell/typings-for-css-modules-loader 2.4.0
    • @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin 4.9.1
    • @typescript-eslint/parser 4.9.1
    • cross-env 7.0.3
    • css-loader 5.0.1
    • csso 4.2.0
    • electron 11.1.0
    • electron-bundler 22.9.1
    • eslint 7.15.0
    • eslint-config-standard 16.0.2
    • eslint-plugin-standard 5.0.0
    • eslint-plugin-vue 7.2.0
    • file-loader 6.2.0
    • fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin 6.0.6
    • less 3.13.0
    • less-loader 7.1.0
    • mocha 8.2.1
    • style-loader 2.0.0
    • ts-loader 8.0.12
    • typescript 4.1.3
    • vue-loader 15.9.5
  • Removed dependency v8-compile-cache

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