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Attention: This release may be unstable.

We are proud to present the very first alpha release of the upcoming Zettlr 1.8 release! This release is used to determine the usability of the application after our migration to electron-forge. That being said, everything should work right out of the box. We can guarantee that both the Windows and the macOS builds do work, but we were unable to test the Linux builds due to a lack of testing workstations.

This means, if you are a user of one of our Linux builds, please give feedback, either via Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, or on the forum. This also includes positive feedback, i.e. a short message that a certain package does work for you.

Are there risks installing the 1.8.0-alpha?

None that we know of. The worst that could happen is that the application itself simply stops working. If that happens, you can simply downgrade to 1.7.5 and continue to work normally. Your data and preferences are stored externally and are not affected by the changes in this release. If this release does not work for you, please give feedback so that we can address this!

What does 1.8 improve for me?

The migration to electron-forge means first and foremost a much smaller bundle size. We were able to decrease the size of the application by almost 100 Megabyte. Additionally, the application might be faster in various respects due to the way it is now packaged. Furthermore, we included several bug fixes already, and the list is going to grow until the stable release of 1.8.0.


GUI and Functionality

  • Fixed the fold-gutter being too close to the text.
  • The editor link autocompletion now respects the setting to use headings level 1 instead of YAML frontmatter titles where possible.
  • The paste image dialog now also provides the original image size as a default value, so that you simply can use the arrow buttons on the field to adjust the image size.
  • Fixed a rare bug where changes would be discarded if you renamed the modified file quickly enough.
  • HTML export should now centre both figures and figure captions.
  • Sorting files by name now takes into account possible settings such as using headings of level 1 or YAML frontmatter titles so that sorted files now correspond to their display again.
  • You can now select rendered references from the right sidebar.
  • The file tabs now have their own, dedicated menu, containing a new "Close all tabs" command to close all open file tabs (thanks to @anoopengineer for implementing).
  • The file info now displays the selection information, if there is any. The popup that opens when you click the counter then lists all selections within your document.
  • When you initiate a keyword search from the tag cloud by clicking on a tag, it'll be automatically enclosed in quotes, enabling searches for keywords with spaces in them.
  • The image paste dialog now shows you the resolved path of the directory into which the image you are about to paste will be saved to.
  • Fixed a missing translatable string from the paste image dialog.
  • Fixed the width of the word counter in order to make the toolbar more "stiff."
  • Enabled Dart syntax highlighting (thanks to @Kangie for implementing).

Under the Hood

  • Switched to Electron forge (thanks to @tobiasdiez for implementing).
  • Bumped dependencies:
    • @clr/icons 4.0.1
    • @electron-forge/cli 6.0.0-beta.53
    • @electron-forge/plugin-webpack 6.0.0-beta.53
    • @teamsupercell/typings-for-css-modules-loader 2.3.0
    • @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin 4.1.0
    • @typescript-eslint/parser 4.1.0
    • archiver 5.0.1
    • chokidar 3.4.2
    • codemirror 5.57.0
    • copy-webpack-plugin 6.1.0
    • electron 9.3.0
    • eslint 7.8.1
    • eslint-config-standard-with-typescript 19.0.1
    • eslint-plugin-vue 7.0.0-beta.3
    • file-loader 6.1.0
    • fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin 5.1.0
    • fsevents 2.1.3
    • got 11.6.2
    • md5 2.3.0
    • mocha 8.1.3
    • node-loader 1.0.1
    • on-change 2.1.2
    • ts-loader 8.0.3
    • typescript 4.0.2
    • uglify-js 3.10.4
    • vue 2.6.12
    • vue-template-compiler 2.6.12
  • Added a new Handlebars templating helper function, i18n_value that allows you to translate something passing a value to the translation helper (e.g. {{i18n_value 'trans.identifier' someValue}}).

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