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2 years ago

This new update for Zettlr brings another flock of bug fixes, and aims to make your experience even smoother. Read the changelog below to see exactly what's improved!


GUI and Functionality

  • Fixed a bug where opening RMarkdown files with Zettlr not open would throw an error.
  • Fixed a bug where the app would not process inline images during export, leading to missing images.
  • HTML Export now centres figure captions underneath figures (thanks to @Kangie for implementing).
  • Zettlr finally allows alternative/title texts in images to be specified, making it possible to preview images with a title, and have them properly export even with relative filenames.
  • Fix wrong design of the sorters in combined sidebar file trees.
  • Fixed a bug where adding more and more list-characters in front of a list item would make the left gutter "swallow" these due to an extreme amount of negative indent. Now the line indentation for soft-wrapped lists (or anything indented) should work as expected.
  • Fixed a behaviour that would sometimes lead to the editor inserting tab-characters instead of spaces.
  • Added UX improvements to the fold gutter and the global search bar (thanks to @doup for implementing).
  • Fixed non-centered button icons and made some UI elements a little bit bigger.
  • You can now abort searching in Quicklook windows by pressing escape while the search field is highlighted.
  • Fixed a rare error where codeblocks would not be indented correctly in HTML outputs.
  • Zettlr now renders linked images.
  • Restored the security question when you are about to overwrite an already existing file.
  • Made URLs in references into clickable links that open in the system's browser (thanks to @maxedmands for implementing).
  • The context menu on directories within the file list now correctly shows you project options, if the directory is one.
  • The file tree has been cleaned up. Now, the children toggle (if a directory has any) as well as any additional icon will be displayed aligned with each other.
  • Fixed a bug that would not display the filename but a heading level 1 that has been removed from the file.
  • Single inline image inserts are now handled without adding newline characters.

Under the Hood

  • Added an additional check for directory exports to check that they indeed have an attached project.
  • Removed all legacy WebHostingHub-Glyph references and switch fully to Clarity.
  • Removed unused legacy code from the Quicklook windows.
  • Replaced getTokenAt with getTokenTypeAt, hopefully achieving performance gains on documents littered with renderable elements.

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