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Release v1.7.3

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2 years ago


GUI and Functionality

  • Fixed a bug causing project exports to fail.
  • The Cmd/Ctrl+K-shortcut now works with most domains and protocols (i.e. no matter which URL is in the clipboard, it should insert it now).
  • Fixed a serious bug that would lead to file descriptors never updating their metadata and cause thousands of remote notifications where they shouldn't be, because the file metadata would never be updated after each safe, resulting in Zettlr thinking that the file hasn't been updated.
  • The application is now also available as an Windows ARM 64bit release.

Under the Hood

  • Upgraded joplin-turndown which should result in better HTML-to-Markdown conversion on pasting.
  • In case Pandoc produces any output (such as warnings or other useful info) but runs successfully, this output will be logged so that you can troubleshoot even non-fatal warnings.

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