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Release v1.7.2

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2 years ago


GUI and Functionality

  • The NSIS installer (Windows) now contains customized, branded images for the sidebar and header of the various pages visible during the setup process.
  • Added syntax highlighting modes (with keywords):
    • Clojure: clojure
    • LaTeX: latex/tex
  • Fixed a bug where the trailing --- of a YAML frontmatter would mistakenly be identified by the renderer as ATX-headings in readability mode, resulting in weird display of the last YAML frontmatter line.
  • Added feedback if there was no directory selected, but one is needed to do a certain task.
  • Multiline math equations now feature syntax highlighting.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes render parts of multiline equations as headings.
  • Added an option to tell Zettlr to use the first heading level 1 of a file to display instead of the filename (however, a frontmatter title will override this).
  • YAML frontmatter ending characters should not trigger AutoCorrect anymore.
  • The exporter now respects values from a YAML frontmatter, if (and where) applicable.
  • You should now be able to fold Markdown sections from anywhere within their section text.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Zettlr would attempt to render an internal link as a citation.
  • Creating files using a case-sensitive extension name should now work.
  • Set desktop Linux desktop icon in BrowserWindow config.
  • reveal.js-presentations now do not have standalone-flags during export.
  • The "Import"-option now also lets you select Markdown and text files. However, instead of running them through Pandoc, they are directly copied into the target directory.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the global search to stop working in certain situations, e.g. after renaming a file.
  • The middle mouse button now closes tabs (thanks to @Kaan0200 for implementing).

Under the Hood

  • Added the logo source files to source control. Please make sure to read the accompanying README file in the icons-directory before using!!
  • The AutoCorrect replacement now checks for the actual mode at both range endings before actually performing a replacement.
  • The importer is now a module.
  • Fixed a logical error in the FSAL change detection, which would lead to the FSAL not being able to process additions of assets.
  • The application now uses app.getVersion() instead of requiring the package.json-file (thanks to @Aigeruth for implementing).
  • CodeMirror is now required directly within the plugins and is independent of the location of node_modules.

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