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The last beta release from this afternoon unfortunately bricked the QuickLook windows. This one restores them! Sorry for any inconveniences!

TL;DR: What has changed since the last beta?

  • Another huge load of bugfixes
  • The file list does not flicker anymore! 🎉
  • Added typescript syntax highlighting
  • Much better pasting behaviour
  • The Zettelkasten links are now beautiful, and work much better than before!

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The macOS-build of Zettlr is now code-signed and notarized, which means you will be able to open it without having to explicitly add an exception in your security preferences.

Breaking Changes

  • If you want to enable the newly added MathJax CDN support for equation rendering, make sure to add the --mathjax-flag to your Pandoc command. If you did not modify the Pandoc command, you can "restore" the (new) default value, which will add the MathJax support for you.

GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: Mermaid chart support! Now you can add code blocks with the keyword "mermaid" (i.e. "```mermaid")to your document and use the Mermaid chart language to create charts!
  • New Feature: Zettlr is now able to open file attachments for citations in your files. Simply right-click a citation, go to "Open Attachment" and select the cite-key for which you want to open the file attachment. Got multiple? Here's how Zettlr chooses which one to open: All attachments are listed and then the PDF files are sorted on top of the list. Then, Zettlr will open whatever attachment is the first in the list.
  • New Feature: You now have an additional setting that allows you to determine if, and when, the filename will be automatically added to your link. "Never" means that the file name will never be added, "Only with ID" means that the file name will only be added, if the link is constructed using the ID, and "always" (the default) means that the file name will always be added, possibly duplicating it.
  • New Feature: NOT search operator. Now you can use an exclamation mark (!) before the term in your global search to exclude certain search terms. If any NOT-condition is satisfied, the file will no longer be considered a candidate. You can combine the NOT-operator with both exact matches (!"an exact phrase") and single terms (!word).
  • Added TypeScript syntax highlighting. Keywords: typescript, ts.
  • Pressing Alt-Up and Alt-Down will now swap lines in the editor window up or down.
  • Cleaned up the shortcuts. Until now, Ctrl+B would also make text bold on macOS. Now, only Cmd+B will work, while Ctrl+B will only work on non-Apple systems.
  • Improved the Math equation detection again. Now it's simpler, faster and will work more reliable. Escaping dollar signs should most of the time not be necessary anymore.
  • Added syntax highlighting to inline and block Math equations. Now they're displayed in monospace to make it easier for you to write them.
  • Title and tag matching of search terms during global search is now performed case insensitive.
  • Added an option to copy the filename of files to the clipboard via the context menu.
  • Exact search terms in the global search are no longer trimmed (trailing and leading whitespace is not removed) to maintain the meaning of "exact".
  • The AutoCorrect option can now be activated and deactivated as intended.
  • Added German secondary guillemets to the MagicQuotes settings.
  • Better citation detection: Now, standalone-citations at the beginning of line will also be rendered.
  • Improved the contextmenu behaviour.
  • When creating a new file, the editor is re-focused again so that you can immediately begin writing.
  • Task items are now rendered irrespective of the list-type-character they use, i.e. the following examples will all be rendered correctly: - [ ], + [ ], and * [ ].
  • The "Empty directory"-message is now translatable and available in several languages.
  • Headings will no longer be considered tags
  • Fix Ctrl+F-shortcut on macOS.
  • When linking a file using the Zettelkasten links, the prompt will now include all files from the whole root, not just the files from within the current directory.
  • Made the dialogs more resilient. Now you can select text somewhere on dialogs, and regardless of whether you accidentally moved too far (out of the dialog), it will not close anymore, when you release the mouse.
  • The front matter is now disregarded when counting words or chars.
  • In case of renaming a directory, the containing directory is now re-sorted everytime so that changes are reflected immediately.
  • The HTML template now includes a switch to include MathJax (CDN) in order to display equations in HTML exports and the print preview (only works with Pandoc installed).
  • Improved placement of Input Method Editors (IME) for non-western input sources (e.g., Japanese or Korean typeset).
  • The file linking autocomplete will now respect your choice of Zettelkasten link starting characters, if they differ from [[.
  • The formatting of Zettelkasten-links is now according to other formattings (such as emphasis or bold text), slightly transparent.
  • On autocompleting Zettelkasten-links, the closing characters for the links are now added in case they are not already present (due to autoclosing, or else).
  • The automplete-dropdown for Zettelkasten-links does not appear anymore if editing a footnote.
  • Added overall days statistics to the stats dialog.

Under the Hood

  • Fixed a small bug that would display a non-intuitive message when checking for updates and the update server is not available.
  • Fixed wrong error logging in the Citeproc provider.
  • Added the necessary cslenvironment to Zettlr's default TeX template so that Pandoc >2.8 does not throw errors. Thanks to @frederik-elwert for implementing!
  • Cleaned up the keymap for CodeMirror. It's now centralised within generate-keymap.js and not scattered in all the plugins anymore.
  • Rewrote the i18n loading logic, resulting in huge performance gains on startup. Thanks to @BAKFR for implementing!
  • Exchanged deprecated API calls in the AppearanceProvider class.
  • The default DMG height for macOS installers now again shows the disclaimer at the bottom of the archive window.
  • Fixed a logical bug with zoom levels bigger than 40x.
  • Fixed the welcome log message, because whatever it was, it did not read こんにちは (Hello).
  • Now during startup all files that do not exist anymore in the openPaths-property will be removed (because only directories can be "dead").
  • Wrote script to automatically update the CSL styles and locales that are shipped with the app. Also, updated the CSL styles and locales.
  • The YAML mode within frontmatters is now correctly detected by all plugins, so that e.g. AutoCorrect does not apply within YAML-frontmatters and quotes are the "correct" ones (no need to disable MagicQuotes temporarily to write frontmatters).
  • Added an additional check to make sure to differ between explicit and implicit paste events in the CodeMirror instance.
  • Finally fixed the weird glitches of the file list. Now it will correctly scroll files into view, not break, and be not empty for a fraction of a second.
  • Overhauled the QuickLook windows. Now they react to much more finetuned configuration changes, are more responsive, and in general react faster to changes.
  • Switch to Electron 8.

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