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2 years ago

1.5 is finally here! Please read our accompanying blog post, as every time! For the fast ones among you, here's the TL;DR:

  • Added AppImages, which means: If you prefer those, you can get them now on our GitHub Releases page. We will add them on our website soon!
  • New Feature: AutoCorrect
  • New Feature: Magic Quotes
  • New Feature: YAML Frontmatter Support

We wish all of you happy holidays and a happy New Year 2020! :)

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GUI and Functionality

  • New Feature: AutoCorrect! Zettlr can now automatically replace certain characters with special symbols. For instance, by default it will replace --> with , != with or perform certain default replacements, such as transforming hyphens and fullstops with their typographically correct symbols (... -> and -- -> ). You can edit the replacement table in the preferences and adapt them to your own needs. Please note that this feature will only be active when you are outside of codeblocks. This is meant to prevent unintended replacements, especially with certain languages such as R, where ASCII arrows are part of assignment operations.
  • New Feature: Magic Quotes! Together with AutoCorrect, we've implemented the ability of Zettlr to use magic quotes. That means, whenever you type " (double quote) or ' (single quote), it will instead insert the typographically correct characters of your choice, for instance „…“ for German, or « … » for French. Even 「…」 for Japanese are supported! Please note that this feature will only be active when you are outside of codeblocks. This is meant to prevent unintended replacements, as most languages require the ASCII quotes. Note also that having this feature active will deactivate the automatic bracket matching for quotes.
  • YAML Frontmatters now receive the correct syntax highlighting.
  • YAML Frontmatters do now have influence on the appearance of files: If a title is given, Zettlr will use this instead of the filename in the file list. If an array of keywords is given, Zettlr will add them to the rest found within the file.
  • Codeblocks are now excluded from both tag extraction and ID search algorithms, so for example #include (used in C++ code) will no longer be recognised as a tag.
  • Fixed a bug that would ignore the page size set in your PDF preferences when using the default template.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from moving files and folders in combined sidebar mode.
  • Fixed the broken footnote in-place preview and editing support when using named references.
  • Improved the design of wrongly spelled words -- now the dotted line is closer to the actual words.
  • Fixed Alt-clicking files in the combined sidebar mode. Now this will also open QuickLooks.
  • Added the shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+E to focus the editor and Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+T to focus the file list.
  • On macOS, you can now also Cmd-Click links and tags to open/follow them.
  • Added the variable %uuid4 to use Universally Unique Identifiers version 4 (random UUID) within certain strings in the app.
  • Improve "Copy as HTML" to also provide fallback Markdown.
  • Fixed paste detection (if there's only HTML in the clipboard)
  • Changed the Support-link to link to Patreon.
  • Added a new error message informing you of malformed citation keys.
  • Fixed the print preview.
  • Removed the quotes from the matchbrackets-configuration.
  • Fixed link rendering and the opening of links.
  • Added the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+T to create a task list. Thanks to @jeffgeorge for implementing!
  • The blockquote character > is not treated as a list-item anymore, meaning you don't have to Shift-Enter into the next line anymore to prevent the blockquote from expanding unnecessarily.
  • Implemented a "fat" cursor for the insert mode of Windows, so that when you press the Ins-key to toggle between inserting and replacing, Zettlr will graphically announce that you'll now be replacing characters rather than inserting. Please note that this will only look good for monospaced fonts -- the other themes will have characters that are bigger than the cursor.
  • Improve the tabs display for long titles (e.g. in the preferences dialog).
  • The link detection algorithm is now less aggressive.
  • On HTML exports (both revealJS presentations and regular HTML files), image paths will not be absolute anymore, but relative.

Under the Hood

  • Switched to Electron 7.
  • Added v8 code caching for better startup performance.
  • Added a global logging interface for better error and bug handling.
  • Relaxed the policy on wrong citation keys: One wrong key won't stop the loading of the rest of the database anymore, only the wrong key won't be included.
  • Moved out the markdownOpenLink-function from the editor class to the utilities.
  • Added much better heuristics to resolve paths linked to in markdown documents. Except a few edge cases, the algorithm should be able to open most varieties of links.
  • The exporter now escapes the templates to account for potential spaces in the template path.
  • Increased efficiency and cleanliness for loading the fenced code highlighting modes. Thanks to @BAKFR for implementing!
  • Added support for building AppImage releases using the command yarn release:app-image (or npm run release:app-image). Thanks to @yashha for implementing!

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