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3 years ago

The Windows installer for Zettlr 1.4.3 is now fixed! You can now safely install it. We would like to apologise for any inconveniences!

This patch fixes some problems that went unaddressed in the previous patches. Among the changes are a fixed dark mode scheduling (albeit the "Follow Operating System"-mode still seems to be broken on macOS Catalina) and some enhancements for tagging and the word counter. A complete list of changes can be found below.

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GUI and Functionality

  • The word counter does not count files with newlines as having words anymore.
  • The regular expression search functionality treats expressions containing forward slashes correctly.
  • When the file list is focused, it only captures arrow key presses and does not prevent other shortcuts from working.
  • Tags are now added and removed to and from the tag dropdown selector during runtime.
  • Fixed a rare error that could occur during tag cloud searches.
  • Fixed the scheduling mode for the automatic dark mode switching. It now also works with overnight schedules where the start time is bigger than the end time (such as 21:00-06:00).
  • Added sponsors-list to the About-dialog.

Under the Hood

  • Began work on unit tests.
  • The localiseNumber() helper is now capable of localising negative and floating numbers as well.
  • Rewrote the exporting engine to be more modular.
  • Removed the Handlebars runtime from VCS.
  • Switched from adm-zip to archiver for zipping Textpack-files.
  • Updated Electron to 6.1.2.

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