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3 years ago

After three months, we are proud to introduce the next step in the evolution of Zettlr! In the past months, we've stuffed many new features into the app and improved everything else. As usual, it's too much to present in this small release notes, so make sure to both read the accompanying blogpost as well as the attached Changelog below. Here's a small teaser with the most notable things:

  • A brand new Table Editor (Documentation)
  • Readability Mode (Demo)
  • Install and update translations with one click
  • Faster and better citations
  • A new Theme: Karl-Marx-Stadt
  • Filter your tags in the tag-cloud
  • RMarkdown file support
  • Massive rewrite of the core for much more speed
  • Regular Expression searches (Introduction)
  • Optional line:column indicator
  • Attention: To move files out of the app, you'll need to hold Alt or Ctrl when initiating a file-drag. You can release the key as soon as the drag has started.

As always, we'd love your support over at Patreon or PayPal!

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This patch fixes some problems that were occurring in the last release concerning the functionality of dialog windows. Additionally, we've added a further security check that prevents you from accidentally overwriting existing files while renaming files.


GUI and Functionality

  • Added a security check when you are about to overwrite an already existing file.
  • Overwriting files in a directory now doesn't leave an empty space in the file list.

Under the Hood

  • Fixed Electron's dialog signature handling.
  • Small fixes to the core.

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