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Preliminary Alpha Release of Zettlr 1.3

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pre-release3 years ago

This is an early alpha build of the upcoming version 1.3 of Zettlr. It has not undergone extensive testing. It should work stable, but there's no guarantee.

Please, as always, report any bugs to the issue tracker. See the changelog of everything implemented so far from the official 1.3 changelog below:


GUI and Functionality

Attention, this update breaks three shortcuts: To view the file list, the tree view, and the attachment sidebar, you need to use Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+1 (for toggling the sidebar), and Cmd/Ctrl+? for toggling the attachments. The shortcuts for Cmd/Ctrl+[number] are now reserved for recent documents!

  • New Feature: Zettlr can now automatically switch between light and dark mode either based on a fixed schedule or, if you are using macOS or Windows, based on the appearance of the operating system.
  • New Feature: Add words to the user defined dictionary. You can remove words by removing them in the "Editor" tab in the preferences.
  • New Feature: You can now provide a default path for images that you paste onto the editor in the preferences. If you provide a relative path, it'll be relative to the file.
  • Display contributors tab on the about dialog containing the names of all authors of the translation files.
  • You can now customize the pandoc command to your liking using several variables.
  • Added syntax highlighting for
    • Go (keyword: "go")
    • Kotlin (keyword: "kotlin")
  • Add shortcuts for easier access to the recent documents.
  • HTML export now relies on Pandoc, if available, and only falls back to Showdown if Pandoc hasn't been found on the system.
  • You can now edit Math formulae by clicking on them.
  • The tag count is now shown next to the tags in the tag cloud.
  • During global search, the search results will include all files once at most, so files within virtual directories, for example, will be excluded to prevent duplicate files.
  • The preview images when pasting an image from clipboard load faster.
  • Using the Debug menu, you can now test the new themes (Berlin, Frankfurt, and Bielefeld) during beta to help us finalise them!
  • Formatting marks at the beginning or end of a misspelled word are now excluded from the selection.
  • Now, if trying to follow a link without a protocol (e.g. instead of, Zettlr will automatically assume https as the protocol to make sure it can be opened by the web browser. Correctly configured servers should automatically redirect you to http, if applicable.
  • Zettlr now highlights the full link when you right-click it to give visual feedback that the context menu options "Copy Link" or "Open Link" will indeed use the full link, and not just a part of it.
  • The dictionary selection is now more compact than before.
  • The editor automatically selects the word under cursor on requesting a context menu, making both the code more clean and enabling you to simply right-click a word to make it, for instance, bold.
  • Now you can comment out selections of text using the new shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+C.


  • Fixed a bug that would, on certain actions, lead to unwanted behaviour when using the menu items for these actions instead of the shortcut.
  • The last opened file will now be added to the recent documents on start up.
  • The window's title will now only contain the currently opened file's name, and never the full path, even for root files.
  • The dictionary loading mechanism works far more reliably now.
  • Fixed a bug with checking and unchecking task items in the editor.
  • Fixed an error in option validation.
  • Fixed the translations for the pagenumbering sections in the PDF preferences and project settings.
  • Fixed a small bug concerning case insensitive searching.
  • Fix for single-letter Math preview.
  • Fixed the "remove from virtual directory" command.
  • Design fix for dialog tabs on small screens.
  • Fix automatic rendering of Markdown links containing brackets (especially a problem for Wikipedia links)
  • Improved performance during window resizing and moving.
  • Removed all inline-javascript from the index.htm and moved it to a new main.js in the renderer process.
  • Links will not be rendered within comments anymore so that you can escape Markdown links as expected using backticks.

Under the Hood

  • Re-throw errors during command run in Zettlr main class.
  • Moved the dictionary to its own dedicated provider for more versatility and improved upon its functionality.
  • Created an appearance provider which takes care of switching the Zettlr theming based upon user choices.
  • Switched from the build-property electron-build toolchain to the API.
  • Switched to Electron 5.0.0.

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