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3 years ago

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This release fixes the broken Writing Targets from 1.2.2 and fixes the "Paste as Plain Text" command behaviour. Additionally, it brings multilingual tag support and even more design improvements. As always, we encourage you to read our accompanying blog post and check the Changelog below.


GUI and Functionality

  • Fixed a bug preventing you from creating Writing Targets.
  • Allow all unicode characters to be part of a tag.
  • The Scrollbars are now bigger.
  • The change between dark and light mode is now much smoother.
  • Fixed the "Paste as Plain text" command behaviour when CodeMirror is focused.
  • Dialogs now fit better on smaller screens.
  • Added icons to the export options HTML, PDF, DOCX, and ODT.

Under the Hood

  • Fixed a logical error in a failcheck if there was no writing target assigned to a file previously.
  • Switched to the Zettlr API for update checks to avoid hitting the GitHub rate limits.

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