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3 years ago

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Zettlr 1.2.1 brings a lot of bug fixes, design improvements and enhancements in the functionality. Among an improved user interface, there are three important changes in this version:

  1. Quicklook windows do not open in an overlay anymore. Instead, they'll open directly in a new window.
  2. We've removed the "Create new Directory" button from the toolbar, because creating new directories is normally done via the context menu. (The shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N still works.)
  3. The "Create new File" button is now more visible, as we replaced its icon with a large "Plus" icon.

For all changes, please read our announcement blog post and see the changelog below.


GUI and Functionality

  • Removed the Quicklook overlay windows. Quicklooks now directly become standalone windows.
  • General improvements to the default PDF template.
  • On Windows and macOS, Zettlr now also fills up the recent document list in the Taskbar/Dock.
  • Huge UX improvements.
  • Improvements to the spellchecking engine. Now, it won't check inline code.
  • We're removed the "Create new Directory" button from the toolbar, and made the "Create new File" button more visible by replacing the icon with a huge "Plus" sign.
  • The Pomodoro timer now sends out notifications when a task has ended so that you'll always know what's up next!
  • The find popup detects when you start to type a regular expression. If it's a valid regular expression, it will switch to a monospaced font, helping you to write the expression correctly.
  • The find popup now remembers your search term on a per-session basis.
  • Fixed the position of the popups. Now they won't cover the toolbar.
  • Fixed the misbehaving markdown shortcuts in the formatting toolbar. Now block formats are replaced, not left in place when changing the formatting of a paragraph.
  • Fixed a small bug in the PDF template that would render emphasised text underlined instead of italic in exported PDF files.
  • Fixed the links inside footnote tooltips. Now they are readable and don't break out of the tooltip anymore.
  • Fixed an error that prevented Zettlr from being able to automatically import language files.
  • Fixed a bug causing emails not to render.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from clicking the "Print" icon on Windows.
  • Fixed double-clicking the Quicklook and Print window title bar on macOS and Linux.

Under the Hood

  • Bumped dependencies. Switched to Electron 5 Beta.
  • The Quicklook-windows will now also load the correct CodeMirror-plugins from the autoload file.
  • Moved out the recent files to its own provider.
  • Design cleanup. Many variables have been renamed to make it possible to create new themes based upon the Berlin theme.
  • The renderer does not constantly query the main process for up-to-date citations anymore, which both reduces CPU power and increases battery life.
  • The popups can now be told if their contents have changed so that they re-place themselves correctly.

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