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pre-release3 years ago

This is the first beta-release for Zettlr v1.2. If you want to test it, please make sure to read the Changelog and test whether or not the new features work as expected!


GUI and Functionality

  • Removed the Speech submenu from Windows and Linux, as it is only used on macOS.
  • Attention: The recent documents submenu is now to be found in the File menu! It resides no longer in the toolbar.
  • Added an "Inspect Element" context menu item if the debug mode is enabled.
  • The context menu doesn't show up on directory items in the file list anymore, which it wasn't supposed to anyway.
  • Fixes in the math rendering. Now the app will correctly render all equations, be they inline or multiline.
  • Added a flag to let the app know if you want to receive beta release notifications. If you tick the checkbox, Zettlr will also present you with beta releases, so that you can stay up to date.
  • When importing files, the "All Files" filter is now at the top and should be selected by default.
  • Zettlr can now import and export both textbundle and textpack files. Refer to for more information.
  • Fixed a small bug that would render exporting of standalone files impossible.
  • Rendered Markdown links now retain the outer formatting (e.g., if you wrapped the whole link inside bold or emphasis).
  • The Zettlr default tex-template now doesn't break checkbox exports by including the amsmath and amssymb-packages.
  • New shortcuts: Pressing Ctrl+Enter will insert a new line below the one in which you are currently, placing your cursor there. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter will do the same but above the current line.

Under the Hood

  • Fixed a small logical error in the menu buildup process.
  • The context menu in the ZettlrBody class is now always instantiated anew.
  • Rewrote the logic of detecting and rendering mathematical equations.
  • Updated the KaTeX.css stylesheet to the newest version and removed some errors (thanks to @Wieke for doing this).
  • Rewrote the complete command structure of the app and branched it out into standalone files. Thereby the system becomes extremely modular and new commands can be written with ease. Additionally, it becomes possible to create shortcuts for certain commands.
  • Fixed a small possibility of running into an error while performing a global search.
  • Exchanged the variables for usage in TeX-templates with Pandoc-Style $-variables. Additionally, now all occurrences will be replaced with the correct value.
  • Moved the JavaScript bits out of the Handlebars templates and added them to the Dialog handler classes.

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