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4 years ago

Again several fixes. Zettlr now includes a background process that checks for changes in the filesystem that have been triggered remotely (e.g. by using the file explorer/finder or if you sync your files via cloud services) and integrates them. Although the service is still in development it should work sufficiently for now. For it to work correctly, heavy changes need to be made in the renderer process, which will be under way in version 0.10.0, which should be ready for rollout in about a week or a fortnight.


GUI and functionality

  • Changed paper format in the odt-template from "Letter" to "DIN A4."
  • Now dialogs are correctly positioned (centered)
  • Implemented notifications that can be used variously
  • Watchdog now monitors changes to the file system
  • Small fixes in functionality and translations

Under the hood

  • Added notification service (can be triggered by sending a notify-event to the renderer or call notify() on a body element.)

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