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4 years ago

Only two days after v0.7.0 I can announce yet another release of Zettlr! This time it's mainly focused on the editor itself. Also, I've finally added the toolbar I planned to create some weeks ago.

As always, the full changelog:

GUI and functionality

  • Context menu over a erroneous word now gives you suggestions on possible replacements; selecting them will replace the word.
  • Fixed a small rendering bug that caused the editor not to correctly select text after hide/unhide of either the tree view or file preview pane.
  • Included a toolbar and moved the global search out of the preview pane
  • Fixed a small bug in which the title of the main window still showed the title of the currently opened file after it has been deleted
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to export to PDF on Windows when Zettlr was installed to the Program Files-directory
  • Fixed a bug that did not close the overlay if there were no dictionaries selected for spell checking
  • Finally implemented the make/unmake itemized or numbered list function
  • Also, finally added an easy way to insert and remove footnotes.
    • Fixed an error in which you could not save "empty" files on the fly if you just started typing into the editor without any file open.

Under the hood (i.e.: technical stuff)

  • Replaced npm package trash with electron internal shell.moveItemToTrash()
  • Hardened the translation package against potential errors and accounted for also probably missing translations

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