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4 years ago

Major features

Huge changes are on their way! This version includes a big number of improvements to v0.6.0, so be prepared! The most important features are the following:


Now Zettlr can automatically check your spelling. It will initialize with your detected system's language. You can select the languages to be automatically spellchecked via the preferences panel. If you do not want spellchecking to be enabled at all, just deselect all languages in the preferences. Of course, you can activate more than one spell checker — then you can write bi- or tri- or whatever-lingual! But, of course, activating too many spellcheckers at once will significantly slow down the start up of the app. (But once it's loaded, it will work just fine!)

Miss a language you'd like to have spellchecking available for? No problem! Zettlr uses the monumental hunspell spellchecking! So just look in the list of official translation dictionaries, and I'll add it. (I didn't want to bloat the app with languages in the beginning.)

App translation

Because it was fitting to the spellchecking, I've also begun translating the app. Now it comes with four languages pre-shipped: German, French and English. I've added en_US and en_GB, just to be sure. The French translation may sound pretty strange, but that's because I'm not very good at French. So any mistake you spot: Please PR me!

To change the language of the app, just switch to the preferences!

Miss a language? Feel free to grab on of the translation files (located in source/common/lang) and replace all strings with translations. Attention: Please mind the small %s-variables in the translation! They will be replaced with, e.g., the name of a directory or file to be renamed or something like that! So make sure you keep them in your translations.


We all know the problem of single-window-apps that you cannot preview a file (to, e.g., extract notes or ideas) while you write in one specific file. Zettlr resolves that problem now by introducing Quicklooks. As I'm a mac user, I've borrowed the name from the very useful feature to preview any file in the file explorer by pressing space. In Zettlr, you can now right-click any note and select Quicklook from the context menu. The file will then open in a small overlay window from where you can copy text or just read along while you edit a completely different file.

Searching works just as well as resizing or dragging the window around. Also, double-click on the title bar to "minimize" the window. Click the small "x"-button to close a window.

I hope these features make Zettlr an even better app (at least, they do for me)!

Full Changelog

And now the full list from the changelog, as every time:

  • Included Spellchecking (en_US, en_GB, fr_FR, de_DE, more languages on request)
  • Translated app into English, German and French.
  • Introducing Quicklook: Right-click on any note and click "Quicklook" to open the file in a small overlay window. This enables you to keep open a file while simultaneously reading (and copying text) from different files.
  • Fixed a minor error with the detection of clickable links
  • Fixed an error that prevented searching for exact phrases
  • Added a short check that Zettlr does not try to move a directory into a subdirectory.
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements
  • Preview pane and directory tree view can now be hidden via Cmd/Ctrl+1 and Cmd/Ctrol+2

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