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4 years ago

It's release day again. We've moved the long descriptions to the release notes section of the website, so head over to our blog post for this release to read the written introduction to Zettlr's new features!


GUI and functionality

  • Import functionality: Now you can import from nearly all file types pandoc supports into Zettlr. Simply select the desired target directory and select File -> Import files!
  • Added a lot of exporting options. More are still to come!
  • Export Markdown files as reveal.js presentations: From 0.19.0 on, Zettlr will support the export of reveal.js-presentations. Also, there's theme support built in!
  • If you insert a footnote, the cursor is not moved throughout the document so that the writing flow is more immersive.
  • The text field used to edit a footnote reference text is now automatically focused.
  • The editor will now directly mute lines when in full screen as soon as you change the preference setting for this. You don't have to move the cursor anymore for this.
  • Fixed a bug that showed a dedicated file menu when right-clicking directory ribbons and then threw errors if you clicked on anything in the menu.
  • Fixed the strange behaviour of Zettlr telling you there are no suggestions for a word, although you did not right-click a wrongly spelled word.
  • Inline links rendered inside headers are now always the correct size.
  • Email-addresses are now correctly identified and will be rendered as clickable links as well. If you Alt-click on them, they will open the default email option (i.e. they are the same as clicking on any website's email addresses).
  • Fixes to the project feature.
  • Made the dictionaries finally independent from the four default translations.
  • Added about 70 languages to the four default translations. This means: If you now include a custom dictionary or a custom translation, chances are high that it will be detected and translated automatically!
  • Added a bunch of dictionaries that now come shipped with the app.
  • Finally found & fixed the bug that kept detecting whole swathes of text as links and inserted them on link insert or didn't detect any link at all.
  • Transferred the download page in the updater to the new download landing page at
  • Clicking on marked tags in the preview list will now trigger a search for these tags.
  • Added support for TeX-files. So in case you want to export something to PDF, you can add custom LaTeX statements in their respective file to amend the styling Zettlr applies.
  • You can now rest assured that on export of projects with nested files all images, even relative ones, will successfully be rendered in your PDF output.
  • Changes to the HTML exporting template. Now, images should always fit on screen.
  • You can now create LaTeX files by using the extension .tex when creating new files.
  • Better Pomodoro counter.

Under the hood

  • Changes to the runCommand method in ZettlrEditor.
  • Changes to the insertFootnote command.
  • Changes to the _editFootnote() method in ZettlrEditor.
  • Changed the event type the editor is listening to when you finished editing a footnote from keyup to keydown.
  • Moved the inline and block element rendering functions to their own commands to reduce the file size of ZettlrEditor.
  • Fixed the task recognition regex to prevent ugly errors logged to the console if you entered on an empty line a task list item directly followed by braces (such as - [ ](some text)).
  • Additional security checks while building the context menu.
  • Amended the regex for rendering links. Also provided a callback option for CodeMirror to be able to port the plugin fully externally and integrate it into other instances.
  • Added ZettlrImport class for handling file imports.
  • Removed the unnecessary PDF exporting LaTeX template from the pandoc directory.
  • Added another newline character when gluing Markdown files together on project exports.
  • Fixed a bug that would not read in a saved project config on restart.
  • Huge changes to the selection and retrieval of dictionaries for the spellchecking algorithm.
  • Made the regular expression detecting links in the clipboard non-global and limited it to only detecting single links in the clipboard.
  • The download page will now count all updates by users to keep track of how many users are using the app (only the click is counted, no personal information is collected). To avoid detection of you updating, simply visit manually.
  • Amended ZettlrRenderer by a function to programmatically trigger global searches.
  • Added .tex to the list of supported file types. Added a mode switch to ZettlrEditors open() method.
  • Small fix to the toolbar CSS for not having a hover effect on the Pomodoro button in dark mode.
  • Change to the less.js script. It now minimises the CSS output to further optimise the styling.
  • Spell checking is now off by default in fresh installations to speed up the first start.
  • Amendments to ZettlrProject, ZettlrFile and ZettlrExport to ensure relative image paths are accurately converted into absolute ones on exporting them.
  • Streamlined setting the ZettlrWindow title. Zettlrwindow::setTitle() is now deprecated.

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