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4 years ago

Thank God it's Friday! And with Friday there is, somewhat out of a tradition, a new release. This release fixes many small bugs and improves many features. Most of what has been changed is under the hood and therefore not visible to everyday users. But it has quite bettered the performance of Zettlr. Among the most notable features are:

  • You can now import any translation file to translate Zettlr into whatever language you like. Please also feel free to notify me, if you have translated the app, so that I may include your language files into the source and ship them by default!
  • You can now copy text as HTML, which enables you to paste Markdown into word processors such as Word, Writer or Pages, or into e-mail clients, which will thereby retain the formatting.
  • Also, Zettlr now performs a check to determine whether or not you are online. This means that you won't get these ugly internal errors ever again if you open Zettlr while on the train or somewhere with bad connectivity.

For all changes and improvements, see the changelog:


GUI and functionality

  • Now it's possible to download and install custom translations for Zettlr! If you want to use a translation that is not (yet) officially bundled with the app, simply import the translation JSON-file into Zettlr using the respective option. It will immediately be available for selection within your preferences (but a restart to apply the change is still necessary). The language file must be in the format aaa_AAA.json so that the app can detect the language by looking at the file name.
  • Numbers are now localised with the correct delimiters.
  • Zettlr now automatically indents text using four spaces to better work with other Markdown parsers.
  • Changed resizing constraints: Editor can now have 90 percent width at maximum.
  • Fixed a small bug that lets you open non-markdown files as roots.
  • You can now copy selected Markdown text as HTML! Just press Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+C instead of Cmd/Ctrl+C.
  • Added an online-check. From now on, if you are offline, Zettlr won't show you ugly error messages, but a simple notification that you are, in fact, offline and Zettlr can't check for updates.
  • Improved footnote placement.
  • Improved the placement of images in exported PDF files.
  • Increased search speed and fixed internal errors in displaying search results.

Under the hood

  • Changes to getSupportedLangs(): The function now returns a dynamically generated array of all available translations. This also includes language files that are placed inside the app's data directory (in the subdirectory lang).
  • Changes to i18n.js to reflect the fact that a language could also be located inside the application data directory (it now first tries to load the file from within the app, and if this fails searches for the file in the app data directory).
  • Zettlr now preserves the linefeeds of a file on saving.
  • Refactored the app's LESS and style handling.
  • Simplified the theme toggling.
  • Consolidated CSS styles.
  • Updated dependencies. Switched to Electron 2.0.6.
  • Removed package-lock.json, because nobody uses them anyway and yarn 1.9.2 just complained about them.
  • Changed resizing constraints: Editor can now have 90 percent width at maximum.
  • Fixed a logical error in ZettlrConfig that allowed non-markdown-files to be opened as root files.
  • Buffered the update check with an online-check. Renamed the original check() to _fetchReleases().
  • Fixes to the footnote placement.
  • Removed an unused function from ZettlrEditor.
  • Removed excess console.log from ZettlrBody.
  • Added an additional security check before marking results in the editor instance.

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