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4 years ago

In this release, not so much has changed. Yet you will notice that I've combined the preview pane and the tree view, because (at least for my own workflow) this works better than having them separated (which is basically using up a lot of space). Of course, for all of you who don't want this and still need the two panes displayed separated, you can change this setting in the first (general) tab of the preferences. The "Thin" mode uses the combination, while the "Expanded" mode displays both separately.

Additionally, I've finally managed to make the editor/sidebar-separation resizable! Yay!

I have now switched to alien for converting the .deb-package into .rpm. Please let me know if I'm still missing something!


GUI and functionality

  • Combined preview and directory pane. Now only one of both is visible, never both, but also never none. Pressing Cmd/Ctrl+1 and Cmd/Ctrl+2 will still toggle visibility of both preview and directory pane, but not in parallel anymore. So hiding the preview pane will automatically show the directory pane and vice versa. Also, if you are on the preview pane, moving with your mouse to the top of the pane will show an arrow that lets you enter the directory pane again. Zettlr will automatically switch to the preview pane in a number of cases: Selection of a directory, searches, and renaming of files.
  • Added syntax highlightning for Markdown tables.
  • Resizing of combined tree view and preview pane as well es the editor is now possible.
  • Changes to the HTML export template. Now tables are better integrated, as well as blockquotes.
  • Added an option to choose whether or not the combined view or the regular, old view should be used for preview and tree view.

Under the hood

  • Removed some unnecessary toggle-functions.
  • Changes to the styles of preview and directory panes.
  • Changes to the main template.
  • Markdown table detection is now handled by the ZKN-mode.
  • Changes to the styles for enabling both extended and narrow sidebar mode.
  • Added another check for popup height in ZettlrPopup to ensure popups can be displayed on screen and don't end up being cut off by the window.

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