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4 years ago

!!! Fixed Debian- and Fedora-Packages !!!

This release contains several improvements and bug fixes. It fixes the width of the popups to prevent ugly line breaks in the stats windows as well as the behaviour of the attachment pane: Now the "open external"-button will always open the currently selected directory in your file browser, no matter whether or not there are attachments.

Also, fixes to the link renderings: Now, if you click on a link without the ALT-key pressed, the cursor will automatically be placed where you clicked. The rendering performance was also increased, especially in documents with a lot of links.

As a little new feature, we've added a function that automatically suggests file names to you when you start typing in the global search bar. If you hit enter while there is an exact filename (without its extension), Zettlr will not only run a search, but also immediately open the file in the editor.


GUI and functionality

  • Additions to the search functionality. If you begin typing in the global search field, Zettlr will autocomplete your typings with exact name matches. This way you can directly open respective files from your searchbar by simply confirming the file to be opened with the RETURN-key.
  • Zettlr will now automatically try to force open a file when you commence a global search, if there is a file containing the typed name somewhere in the system.
  • If you click a link without the ALT-key now, the cursor will be automatically placed and you can edit the link exactly where you clicked without having to click the position twice.
  • Fixes to the attachment pane — now opening a directory will always work.
  • Now the vertical scrollbar in the editor uses the default cursor, not the text cursor.
  • Fixes to the generation and placement of popups. Now a bigger margin to the edges of the window is ensured, and the popups are now a little bit wider to reduce the possibilities of ugly line-breaks.
  • Small fix to the color of directory ribbons in dark mode.
  • The attachment pane now refreshes on new attachments without the need to switch to another directory and then switch back. Also, after every watchdog run the renderer receives a new list of objects now in memory.

Under the hood

  • Small changes to the _renderLinks()-function in ZettlrEditor.
  • Calling _act() in ZettlrAttachments even if there are no attachments to be able to still open the directory in these cases.
  • Changes to _place() in ZettlrPopup.
  • Changes to the ZettlrToolbar and ZettlrRenderer classes.
  • Design-fixes.
  • Removed an unnecessary check for the now non-existent projectDir option in the configuration constructor.
  • Added a security check for additional PATH-variables in ZettlrConfig.
  • Additional security-check in ZettlrConfigs set()-function to only add valid options. Now set() will return either true or false depending on whether the option was successfully set.
  • Removed deprecated code from ZettlrWindow class.
  • Added a security check in ZettlrWindows prompt() function.
  • Removed some unnecessary code from ZettlrDir class.
  • Small changes to ZettlrDir constructor.
  • Began first work on ZettlrFilter and ZettlrVirtualDirectory.
  • Changes to Zettlr and ZettlrRenderer classes.

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