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4 years ago

Today's release contains small but useful fixes. Among other things we have fixed the ugly behaviour of the sorters in the preview pane, finally switched to Segoe UI as default font on windows systems (because Lato was barely readable on most systems), the editor now successfully remembers where in a document you have been and restores that scrolling position and cusor for you and, as a last thing, we've improved the display of links and URLs in your documents. Have a nice weekend!


GUI and functionality

  • Zettlr saves a file prior to exporting to make sure you export what you see (WYSIWYE).
  • Now Zettlr is more performant especially in documents containing a lot of links. Also, clicking a link without the ALT-key pressed will now remove the link and make it editable, as intended.
  • Design fix: Now the sorters in the preview pane don't alter the size of the directory field.
  • Design change for Windows users: Now Zettlr on Windows uses the system's default font "Segoe UI", because as of strange font-smoothing effects, Lato is barely readable on Windows machines.
  • Fixed a logical error in the script, so now Zettlr will remember where you were in a document and restore that view on every opening of a file (not persistent, i.e. if you close and re-open Zettlr itself, the positions will be reset).

Under the hood

  • Added export to the CLOSING_COMMANDS.
  • Updates in package.json, updated dependencies.
  • Fixed a wrongly placed continue in _renderLinks() in the ZettlrEditor class.
  • Moved the saving of scrolling info from the open() function to the close() function in ZettlrEditor.

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