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4 years ago

This release mainly contains fixes to the search. We have now improved the search a lot. What's new?

First, the relevancy of a search result is now indicated by the colour of the respective files. The greener, the more relevant. This is pretty much a two dimensional implementation of a "heat map". The more grey the files are, the less relevant are they. What will always be hidden are directories and files that did not match at least once.

The search relevancy heat map and search result highlighting

Second, the search results are now buffered, and if you (in search mode) open a file, Zettlr will automatically highlight all matches inside the file. Pretty awesome, right?

To exit search, you can now follow one of three methods: Press Escape while the search input is focused, click the small "x" in the search input or simply select another directory from the tree view.

Also, this update includes a lot of smaller fixes, as you can see here:


GUI and functionality

  • Removed some displaying of numbers during search.
  • Added more file info - when you click on the word count, a small popup containing info about the characters, characters without spaces and also the selection is shown.
  • Added a heatmap that shows you the relevance of the search results by adding a background color to the individual file ribbons. The more green and bright they get, the more relevant the file showed up in the results. Important: Files that do not match any of the selectors will be hidden as always, e.g. even grey files will at least fulfill the criteria!
  • Removed directory ribbons while in search mode.
  • Search mode will automatically be exited when selecting a different directory.
  • Also, now when a search is done, the opened file will have all results marked in text so you can easily discern them from the rest of the text.
  • Small design fixes.

Under the hood

  • Removed an unnecessary paths-update event.
  • Augmented getWordCount() function to return the wordcount of any given string.
  • Removed some strange artifacts from the search.
  • Huge improvements to the search functionality.
  • Finally implemented the new license in the files

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