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4 years ago


Today's release includes a ton of bug fixes and improvements of existing features. This update will make your experience using Zettlr better and will deliver a brand-new kind of experience. As always, let us mention some of the best improvements this release has to offer.

The first major improvement to 0.15.1 is a huge change we've implemented into the rendering of the preview list. Until now, the list has been rendered at once. That means that all files and folders have been rendered directly. Especially users that have quite spectacular amounts of files in some of their folders will have noticed how Zettlr stops reacting for some time until the rendering is done. This can be really annoying and so we've switched to Clusterize.js, a library that enables Zettlr to only render the data chunk by chunk. Doing this, all amounts of files can be rendered in the same (short) amount of time, making the experience a lot smoother. If you scroll through your files, more chunks will be loaded dynamically, making even the longest file lists bearable.

The second improvement concerns the attachment pane. Now there's a small symbol next to its header, letting you open the containing directory with your system's default file browser. This way, you are able to directly access the given directory without having to navigate to it from your browser as well, letting you skip this annoying task.

A third improvement concerns the saving of files. While at first you had to explicitly save all changes to your files, in the last versions we've improved it first by an autosave feature (with which you still had to save explicitly) and then by an automatic save feature. Yet if Zettlr saves a file every 300 miliseconds (which was the delay we've implemented then) this means a huge decrease in writing performance if you stop writing for a short amount of time. We've overcome that barrier with this version, having Zettlr automatically save your files every five seconds and, if you choose to open another file, it will automatically save your file before actually opening the next file. This way you won't have to worry about unsaved changes anymore. It is in this light that we've now removed the modification indicator in the title bar and the save button on the toolbar. We'll keep the menu entry (and, therefore, the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+S) available for all of you who feel safer explicitly calling the save function (which is always good practice).

Among these major changes, there's a lot happening, so here's—as always—the changelog:


GUI and functionality

  • Switched the directory indicator with the collapse indicator on root directories, so that the first always stays first.
  • Huge performance increase in rendering the preview list.
  • Small fix to the word count. Now an empty editor does not show that there's a word written.
  • Removed the Zoom menu entry from the Window menu on macOS.
  • The Reload-shortcut in debug-mode is now F5.
  • Small fix to the Tag-recognition (now a # sign immediately followed by a delimiter character (e.g. spaces, line breaks or apostrophes) will not render a tag formatting).
  • The Attachment pane will now scroll if there are too many attachments in it.
  • Added an option to open the currently selected directory in the system's file browser (e.g. Finder on macOS or Explorer on Windows). The respective button resides next to the attachment pane's header.
  • Small fix to the context menu: It will popup where the click occurred, and not where the mouse is when the menu is actually shown (noticeable especially when right-clicking a misspelled word).
  • Augmented the autoclose-pairs with the default German quotes and .
  • Changed the save function so that it does not save immediately, but gracefully implements a way to save changes any time a potentially file-closing command is issued (such as selecting another file).
  • Changes to the design of the preview list.
  • Removed the save-button from the toolbar and now Zettlr will not show you an indicator whether or not there are unsaved changes, because normally everything should be saved. In case changes are not saved under strange circumstances, Zettlr will still prompt you to save them if they would be lost.
  • Fixed a small error that led Zettlr to believe that it doesn't need to reorder the opened root files and directories, although it should have, thereby having newly opened files pop up not at the top of the directories' list but at random positions somewhere in the directories.

Under the hood

  • Switched Preview-list rendering to Clusterize.js to keep huge lists renderable and reduce loading times.
  • Removed the now unnecessary ListView and ListViewItem classes.
  • Removed the unnecessary file-revert command handler in ZettlrIPC.
  • Removed a console.log in ZettlrPreview.
  • Added a isModified() function in ZettlrRenderer.
  • Changes to ZettlrRendererIPC to accomodate graceful saving procedure.
  • Upgraded dependencies.
  • Coloured the output of the less compiler script so that it's easy to discern whether or not an error or a warning occurred.

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