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v0.15.1 — License Change to GNU GPL v3

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4 years ago

Again it's release day. This update ships quite a few good things that fix some bugs from the previous major release.

This update also includes a license change! Zettlr will now be licensed under the strong copyleft license GNU GPL v3, which prohibits any closed-source adaptions of Zettlr. All modifications of Zettlr have to be open source as well, now. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO ALL PREVIOUS CODE FRAGMENTS, ALTHOUGH THE LICENSE FILE OF THESE OLDER COMMITS SAYS OTHERWISE!


GUI and functionality

  • Switched license from MIT to GNU GPL v3. This also includes all prior releases!
  • Now if there is a valid URL in the clipboard it will be inserted as the URL on all images and links created, not just if there's nothing selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the opening of links if clicked with Alt-key pressed.
  • Added the code indicators (backticks) to the list of auto-complete pairs.
  • Fixed the rendering of internal links.
  • Small changes to the design of file IDs.
  • Moved the resize handles of quicklook windows completely out of the windows themselves so that they are more easy to reach and don't block the scrollbar.
  • Fixed the colours of the directory sorters in dark mode.
  • Translated the formattings.
  • Updates to the readme.
  • ID generation now also works if there is something selected.
  • More generally: All CodeMirror commands (such as changing the formatting of a selection) will retain the selection you have made (i.e. they will save them, run the command and afterwards re-select what was selected previously).
  • Fixed a small bug that could lead to errors while searching using the OR-operator.
  • Updater now shows your current version in the update window.
  • Small fixes to the styling of the update dialog.

Under the hood

  • Small change to the zkn-link regular expression (was greedy, now it is lazy) to prevent huge misrenderings in case two links were on one line.
  • Removed the unnecessary _sort()-function in the ZettlrDirectories-class.

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