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4 years ago

Happy Easter everyone!

Today's update only includes two "visible" changes/fixes. The first: Now you can actually decypher what you are typing on the creation of a new file/directory or renaming them. We fixed the colours of the text so it should work better now. The second: As suggested by a hint of a friend we've firstly removed the revert feature, because it could be easily misread as an "Undo" button, and secondly switched to automatic saving of the app. So you won't have to hit Ctrl/Cmd+S ever again. All of your changes are now automatically written to disk!

To announce some future changes: We've succeeded in figuring out a way to implement the opening of multiple files and directories in Zettlr, so from now on it won't take much longer for this long awaited feature.


GUI and functionality

  • Fixed input text color in popups (e.g., for new files and directories).
  • Removed the autosave functionality. Now Zettlr automatically saves all changes "completely."

Under the hood

  • Updated less.js (dev-dependency) to latest version.
  • Updated chokidar to latest version.
  • Updated electron-builder (dev-dependency) to latest version.
  • Removed all autosave-functions.
  • ZettlrWatchdog can now add multiple paths to watch
  • ZettlrFile can now also be root (e.g. have the Zettlr-object as parent)

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