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4 years ago

It's time for another release! This time, there's not much to the functionality, but we've begun rewriting a lot of code so that we can prepare some other features that we'd like to introduce in the next versions, such as opening multiple root directories and standalone-files. So this time you won't get that punchy little extra functionality, but to give you the idea of what we're up to, we've begun improving the GUI, so that the looks of Zettlr now should feel much more "modern".

As always, the complete changelog:


GUI and functionality

  • Now Zettlr can detect relative image paths (i.e. relative to the file in which they are referenced) and show these images successfully
  • Fixed a bug that did not update the modification time of a file on save.
  • Fixed the non-selection of the current file on directory selection
  • Fixed a small bug that sometimes could throw an error when moving directories within the app
  • Now a quicklook window can be brought to front by simply clicking its title
  • Hid the textarea by default, so that on startup the editor field is clean
  • Design improvements

Under the hood

  • Begun another code rewrite. This time, the focus is on two parts: First, prevent any access of object properties from other objects than this. Instead, use public functions (also, prevent calling of private functions from the outside). Second: Try to, again, move out some functionality from the Zettlr main class to shorten it.
  • Removed unnecessary function calls in the renderer.
  • Also added support for the yarn package manager

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