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4 years ago

It's release-day again! This release, as always, includes several new features that have been requested by the community or that have been planned long ago. These include:

  • An Autosave feature: Now Zettlr can automatically create autosaves for you and also lets you revert to the last saved state of a file. What will follow shortly is an option to restore an autosave after the app or your computer crashed!
  • Update checking: Now Zettlr checks your version against the newest release here on GitHub and tells you whether or not you already got the newest version. You can also trigger the check manually by selecting Help -> Check for Updates from the menu.
  • Toolbar descriptions: As requested, Zettlr now tells you the function of a toolbar button when you hover over it with your mouse.
  • Better Pandoc/LaTeX support: Until now, especially users on macOS had to always enter the full path to both Pandoc and PDFLaTeX, because of some limitations of Electron. Now, it should find all things automatically (if not, please open an issue!) What has also been changed is that you can now download Pandoc and LaTeX directly by selecting the appropriate entries in the Help-menu of the app and Zettlr will tell you whether or not it has found Pandoc or PDFLaTeX on your system, making the error messages look much more descriptive.

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Also, I've fixed many, many small things that I either forgot in previous versions or couldn't fix because of too much work. So 0.13.0 is also a big improvement in stability overall.

And now the changelog, as always:


GUI and functionality

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to errors and misbehaviour if a huge number of directories and files was added
  • Added toolbar button descriptions. Simply hover over a button with your mouse to learn about its functionality
  • Added an autosave feature. Now, Zettlr keeps automatic saves of your current file.
  • Added a reversion feature. With the revert button you can restore the editor content to the last saved state.
  • Added an automatic check for updates. It is run on every start of Zettlr and can be called programmatically by clicking Help -> Check for Updates
  • Fixed an error that disabled the end-search button in the searchbar.
  • Fixed an error that did not refresh the preview list when a new file was created by saving an empty file.
  • Fixed an error that did not select newly created directories in the tree view, although they were selected as could be seen in the preview pane.
  • Small changes in the system integration.
  • Additional check whether or not Pandoc and LaTeX are installed on the system.
  • Added menu entries for downloading LaTeX and Pandoc.

Under the hood

  • Added the ignoreDir and ignoreFile helper functions to check whether or not a specific path should be excluded or not. This applies to directories and the watchdog. Ignored directory patterns (as regular expressions) reside in source/common/data.json.
  • Ignoring the jquery-ui.min.js file on docs generation.
  • Improved the documentation of the main classes.
  • Updated to Electron 1.8.3.
  • Updated Electron builder to 20.4.0.
  • Forgot to update the dependencies for export last time.
  • Moved the polling interval into data.json
  • Added class ZettlrUpdater with barebone functionality.
  • Added additional_paths in source/common/data.json to automatically append to electron's PATH as to make sure the additional fields in the preferences are no longer needed (unless in special cases).

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